Author Topic: Is this more hand wringing about development South to engulf the town of Swindon?  (Read 1122 times)

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Is there a view in  Blunsdon is that some development is more appropriate than other development as it expands it's urban area South to engulf Swindon  :santa_undecided:

There is currently nothing on the land, although it has previously been used for quadbiking. While this development may have been accepted by the parish, there are many others which have been proposed which are raising serious concerns that soon the village of Blunsdon will be engulfed.

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Mick, I believe that Blunsdon is writing or has written, it's own Neighbourhood Plan, if so, that bit of work should have given the residents/Parish etc. a chance to say where they would prefer development.  The Neighbourhood Plans can't say No development, but it should influence planning permission, well, that's the theory anyway.  I'll try and find a link.   

Here you go:
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