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NO2ID Newsletter No 125
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++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 125 - 28th June 2009 ++

+ STOP PRESS - apologies for the late delivery of this newsletter, due to temporary technical difficulties. We shall resume our regular fortnightly schedule.
There have been rumours that the new Home Secretary Alan Johnson is "reviewing the ID card" programme. They have been denied, but there is undoubtedly a change of heart among many back bench Labour MPs. In the last three months several new ones have  said openly - against party policy - that the project should be cancelled.
Now they have a chance to show they are serious. There is a chance to halt it, at least temporarily. A delay at this stage should go a long way to killing the scheme.
The Identity Cards Act 2006 was never a complete system. It left vast amounts about the card, and the database, enrolment and enforcement, to be determined in regulations. The first batch of those regulations has appeared and MPs will be able to vote against them at a debate scheduled for July. Together they are far longer than the act itself, and there are numerous points of revealing detail and sheer bad drafting which give scope for legal and political attack. If the regulations are not approved by parliament the whole scheme will be stalled.
Please write to your MP now, *particularly if you have a Labour MP* and ask them to vote against the new statutory instruments that would allow the ID scheme to begin.
It is easy to contact your MP via
Those key regulations are:
The Identity Cards Act 2006 (Application and Issue of ID Card and Notification of Changes) Regulations 2009
[The detail that you will have to give to the Home Office about yourself, much much more than the "basic identifying information" ministers keep referring to.]
The Identity Cards Act 2006 (Prescribed Information) Regulations 2009
[What will be kept on the cards - but not yet anything about the national identity register database and how it might work.]
The Identity Cards Act 2006 (Designation) Order 2009
[The first of potentially many such. Provides for some people to be forced onto the system because joining will be a condition of *applying* for another official document that they need.]
The Identity Cards Act 2006 (Fees) Regulations 2009
The Identity Cards Act 2006 (Information and Code of Practice on Penalties) Order 2009
[The unfair rules that will be used to punish non-compliance.]
The Identity Cards Act 2006 (Provision of Information without Consent)
Regulations 2009
[Sets out who the information may be passed to once the IPS has it. Audit trail information will go to: police, intelligence services, and SOCA, *and to anyone else they authorise* - so we are immediately beyond government promise - plus HMRC, who can't however authorise it to be given to third parties. Further, non-audit trail information - such as document numbers, names and addresses, signatures and fingerprints, quite enough to be keys for other searches or massive identity fraud - may be provided to the Home Office and MoJ, DWP, DoT and FCO. Records of what information has been given to whom and why may be destroyed after 12 months or less.]
The Immigration (Biometric Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2009
[Expands the 'ID cards for foreigners' system vastly by extending it to more categories of people (for example, spouses of British citizens, visiting artists and academics) who are only being treated as a threat in order to justify ID cards for all.]
+ What just happened? +
+ Sheffield City Council passes anti ID and database state motion +
Sheffield City Council has voted to reaffirm its existing motion against ID cards. The new motion specifically criticises the Manchester ID card trials and ensures that Sheffield City Council will not take part in any similar motion. The motion also criticises ID scanning at clubs and pubs, fingerprinting in schools and Automatic Number Place Recognition (ANPR) systems. Councillor Paul Scriven said: "Labour's plans to force
the ID card on us is a waste of money and it won't stop crime or terrorism". The former Home Secretary and grandfather of the ID scheme David Blunkett is the MP for Sheffield, Brightside. More at
+ Constitution Committee responds to government's response +
The House of Lords Constitution Committee has published an analysis of the government's response to the committee's 'Surveillance: Citizens and the State' report. The document states: "We regret that the Government have not agreed to a number of important recommendations which sought to assist the executive in promoting the responsible and proper use of data processing, including data sharing, together with other modes of surveillance". See
+ Chinese ID database controversy +
As we reported in Newsletter 42 ('China: Name for baby? Check out national database') China has been working on regulations with regards to acceptable names because they are switching from hand written paper ID cards to an electronic system linked to a database. The Kang His Dictionary lists 50,000 chinese characters but the state's database can apparently only handle 32,252 characters. The government is finally set to publish a list of acceptable simplified characters than can be used for names. They deny rumours that the list will contain just 8,000 characters. The naming rules were due to be released in 2005 but have been delayed by 70 revisions!
+ EU Stockholm programme and the Database State +
According to Statewatch: "The 'Stockholm Programme', the next 5-year plan for Justice and Home Affairs, is expected to be adopted in autumn 2009". Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor, points out that the Stockholm programme contains: "An 'information system architecture' to bring about the sharing of all data across the EU. The use of 'security
technologies' to harness the 'digital tsunami' to gather through mass surveillance personal data on peoples' everyday activities through public-private partnerships." Bunyan goes on to warn that: "What is new is the clear aim of creating the surveillance society and the database state". The European Civil Liberties Network (ECLN) has published a statement calling on civil society groups and individuals to voice their opinions on the programme.
+ What's next?
*+ Communications Data consultation +*
The Home Office has launched a consultation on proposals for the so-called Intercept Modernisation Programme whereby the government wants internet service providers and telecommunications companies data to store details of all UK emails, phone calls and web activity so that public authorities can get hold of that information when they want it.
The consultation ends on 20 July 2009. Full details and how to respond at
*+ DNA Database consultation +*
The government has launched a consultation 'Keeping the right people on the DNA database'. The consultation closes on 7th August - responses can be emailed to ( For details of the consultation and links to the relevant consultation documents see

To see if there's a group in your area check our list at
Or, if you're interested in starting a group yourself, please contact Matty on to discuss what's involved and what we have in place to support coordinators and their groups.
_*+ Alexandra Palace +*_
If you are interested in the work of the Alexandra Palace group or are planning on attending the meeting please join the mailing list on:
_*+ Birmingham +*_
*+ 30th June - Birmingham NO2ID Meeting (last Tuesday of month) +*
Tuesday, 30th June 7.30pm in the boardroom in Bennett's Bar, Bennett's Hill, B2 5RS. NO2ID Birmingham holds regular monthly meetings on the last Tuesday of the month. This month's meeting will be looking into the European elections.
_*+ Cambridge +*_
On 6th June Cambridge NO2ID ran a successful stall at the town's annual Strawberry Fair. The Cambridge MP and other local politicians dropped by for a chat, and over 300 Fair-goers signed the NO2ID petition. Many thanks to all who volunteered. Photos (courtesy of Chris Schmidt of track5) are here:
*+ 11th July - Cambridge NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 11th July in the usual spot outside Cambridge Guildhall
( from 10 am. Please contact Andrew on 07710 469624 if you'd like to help.
_*+ Camden and Islington +*_
Camden & Islington NO2ID meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8pm at The Kings Head, 59 Essex Road, Islington, N1 2SF. For more info email or join the mailing list at: (
_*+ Daventry +*_
*+ 4th July - Daventry NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 4th July in Bowen Square, Daventry. For more details contact
*+ 8th July - Daventry NO2ID Meeting (2nd Weds of month) +*
Wednesday, 8th July 8pm at the Dun Cow, Brook St, Daventry
_*+ Dorking +*_
We get together every first Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Arms, near Dorking mainline station at 7.30pm. On the agenda this month and next will be new street stalls and a discussion on the public meeting in Ewell 9th September. On the panel will be Justice Minister Michael Wills, Conservative Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, Phil Booth plus a LibDem and possible one other. Don't miss it.
_*+ Dover +*_
*+ 4th July - Dover NO2ID Street Stall, Deal +*
Saturday, 4th July from 10am (weather permitting) continuing for up to 4 hours. Location: This time we'll be in Deal -- near Boots in the pedestrianised part of the High Street. All help appreciated. Contact Ian Taylor on (
_*+ Edinburgh +*_
*+ 30th June - NO2ID Edinburgh Meeting +*
Tuesday 30th June at 7.00pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL. Members evening: short talks on why many IT professionals are against ID cards, and a brief history of ID cards. Also members' demonstration of robotic street theatre and the premiere of a new ID campaign film. More details at
( All welcome.
*Saturdays 1pm - 3pm - NO2ID Edinburgh street stall*
Every week, weather permitting, you will find our campaigning stall at the east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel. Do drop by for a chat. New volunteers - please contact John (, and for more group information see
_*+ Epsom +*_
If you want to get in touch, why not come along to the Dorking Group get togethers every first Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Arms, near Dorking mainline station at 7.30pm. On the agenda this month will be new street stalls and a discussion on the public meeting in Ewell 9th September. On the panel will be Justice Minister Michael Wills, Conservative Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, Phil Booth plus a LibDem and possible one other. Don't miss it.
If anyone wants to get involved in the Epsom area, please email or phone NO2ID South East Regional Coordinator Geoff Cox on or call 01306 631377.
_*+ Glasgow +*_
****Glasgow NO2ID meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8pm in Mono. All welcome. Please contact Geraint for further details:
_*+ Hammersmith & Fulham +
*+ 22nd July - 'The Surveillance Society' evening +*
Wednesday 22nd July, "The Surveillance Society - what's in store?" A personal view from Tony Bunyan of Statewatch. More details on or from Brian, 07976-414913.
_*+ Ipswich +*_
*Calling Ipswich supporters*
Last month Cambridge and Norwich NO2ID groups joined forces to run a very successful street stall in Ipswich town centre, garnering over 130 new NO2ID supporters. We'd like to build on this success to re-establish an Ipswich local group. If you live near Ipswich and would be interested in participating in a local group there, please contact Andrew Watson ( or Matty Mitford (
_*+ Kingston-Upon-Thames +*_
*+ 4th July - Kingston NO2ID Meeting +*
Saturday, 4th July 4pm at The Druids head pub, Market Place, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1JT. All welcome! For more details contact Charlotte Turner at ( If you are interested in the work of the Kingston group or planning on attending the meeting, please join the Kingston-Upon-Thames mailing list here:
_*+ Manchester +*_
*+ 11th July - Manchester NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 11th July 2-4pm in St. Ann's Square in Manchester City Centre (down near the big Marks and Spencer) to raise awareness among the public and engage people in discussion about the National Identity Register. We'll meet in the square itself at 2pm to set up shop; feel free to join us to lend a hand or just chat. You don't need any experience or equipment, just a bit of time to spare and a friendly smile!
*+ 15th July - Manchester NO2ID Meeting +*
Wednesday, 15th July 7-9pm in the Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester. Sadly, this venue is not wheelchair-accessible; please contact us on if you have accessibility needs. Everyone is welcome, newcomer or not, curious or committed. See minutes of our previous meetings at ( We are always looking for volunteers to take and type up minutes from our meetings; it's an easy way to help the campaign!
_*+ Newport +*_
If you are interested in the work of the Newport group, please join their mailing list on:
*_*+ Norwich +*_
*+ 11th July - Street Stall and Lord Mayor's Procession Fancy Dress Identity Parade +*
Saturday, 11th July - it's The Lord Mayor's Procession, so we are having our own Identity Parade. Please note - parking will be difficult due to the procession. The street stall will be from 1pm-3pm at The Haymarket, Gentleman's Walk, so please come along in ID-related regalia. Later on we will attend the procession and parade down to Chapelfield Gardens to raise awareness about the bullying database state. If anyone knows any
stilt-walkers, fire-eaters, jugglers or any other street performers, please let us know! There will be balloons and ballyhoo!
*+ 14th July - Norwich NO2ID Group Meeting With Special Guest Speaker +*
Tuesday, 14th July 7.30pm-9pm at The Workshop (opposite The Black Horse), 53 Earlham Road, NR2 3AD. We will be joined by NO2ID Local Groups Coordinator Matty Mitford to discuss the national campaign and spread the word further about this bullying government's database state.
*+ Date TBC - Norwich North By-Election 'What A Flipping Liberty' Debate +*
Following Ian Gibson's recent resignation, Norwich NO2ID, in conjunction with local civil liberties groups, will be holding a hustings debate to put the spotlight on the prospective MPs standing, so do come along with any questions you want to put to them. Please see press and NO2ID info for further details when a date is confirmed.
If you are interested in the work of the Norwich group, please join their mailing list on:
_*+ Oxford +*_
*+ 2nd July - Oxford NO2ID Meeting +*
Tuesday, 2nd July at the Mitre on the High Street from 8pm. Come along and join in the discussion! See the website for more:
_*+ Southampton +*_
Southampton NO2ID holds a regular monthly meeting and plotting session on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm in the Dolphin Pub next to St Denys railway station
*Southampton NO2ID Street Stalls*
We are keen to move the stall to different locations in and around Southampton. If you would like to have a stall near you, then please get in touch with the group via
_*+ Worcester +*_
*+ 14th July - Worcester NO2ID Meeting (2nd Wednesday of month)+*
Wednesday, 14th July 8pm at The Portobello Inn, St Johns, Worcester (map available from our website @ Table in the Lounge Bar. Look out for the NO2ID logo to spot us if you have not been before. Its an open door policy. Anyone can come along regardless of your stance, experience or awareness on the issues regarding or related to the National Identity Scheme. Why not bring a friend and join us for some drinks! If you cannot make it stay tuned for the details of the
meeting's outcome on our website blog @
+ "ID" in the news
*+ Tories warn firms off ID scheme - BBC News Online 17/6/09 +*

The Tories have written to five firms bidding to supply ID cards warning them not to sign any long-term contracts.

*+ Keep data collection to a minimum, warns ICO - Computer Weekly 17/6/09 +*
UK organisations should keep data collection to a minimum to reduce the risk of contravening the Data Protection Act, says the Information Commissioner's Office. "If you haven't collected it, you can't lose it," Dave Evans, senior data protection practice manager at the ICO told the Inbox Out conference in London yesterday.
+ Law lord lashes out at ID cards - The Register 16/6/09 +*
Lord Steyn, a former Law lord, is calling for the government to abandon its national ID card scheme because it is an unacceptable invasion of privacy and will not help to solve the various problems they keep claiming it will solve.
*+ Home Office denies ID cards review - Kable 15/6/09 +*
The Home Office denied that Alan Johnson, seen as a future leader of the Labour party, has launched a review of the scheme, as reported in The Sunday Times.
*+ And the £400m biometric passport contract goes to...? – silicon 12/6/09 +*
The UK government has awarded the contract for creating the next generation of British passports to secure-document specialist DeLeRue. The Identity and Passport Service on Thursday announced the £400m contract for the passports, which will be available to UK citizens from October 2010.,3800010403,39441309,00.htm
*+ CfH jigsaw still 'missing pieces' - e-Health Insider 11/6/09 +*
The NHS IT programme is a jigsaw "still missing pieces" that need "to be found and put in place". Speaking at Smart Healthcare yesterday, the CfH boss said he wasn't proud of the delays of "four years" on the missing parts of the programme.
*+ Ex-government CIO favours publishing Gateway reviews – Computer Weekly 10/6/09 +*
Former government CIO Ian Watmore has told MPs he favours publishing Gateway reviews - although he recognises that government policy is to keep them confidential.
*+ Father bans school from fingerprinting daughter - Oxford Mail 6/6/09 +*
A father has refused permission for his daughter's Oxford school to take her fingerprints - fearing it is step towards a 'Big Brother' state.
Please send me any items of interest you encounter - Editor(