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Title: More archaeological discoveries at Coate
Post by: Jean on June 26, 2014, 08:22:02 AM
From the Coate Residents group.

Here is some information regarding the interesting archaeology and important heritage affected by the current development at Commonhead (Swindon Gate Way Project)
...sadly the excavation work has not been done to acceptable standards, and this is an ongoing issue you or your members may wish to know more about.
Additionally the council are still seeking objections to moving the footpaths (by the 1st) - you or your members may want to make voices heard again there.
We have an objection letter based on the connection between the current footpaths as relics of medieval common-land (long lapsed), which was itself a direct connection to the prehistoric monuments that stood on the site, themselves separated in their construction by many centuries. The modern paths are a physical link to the past for the community in this enduring location.
A draft is available if you or your members wish - and a range of detailed documents relating to the archaeological mitigation works.
Attached [not attached - too big but downloadable at (] is an open distribution .pdf presentation, illustrating the site, and the concerns we have for it.
This is also available publicly in video format online at