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Title: Talk Swindon
Post by: Terry Reynolds on May 26, 2017, 09:35:00 AM
I see the  figures for the site, say that there is now around 1275 members, but no daily engagement by almost everybody.
This is your chance to speak up, get the council held to account, a point in question is the latest post from the council to say they are going to spend £100 million on buying up empty houses in the town to ease the waiting list, commendable yes, but where is the money coming from, this council has a rolling debt of around 300 million pounds, the annual debt payments in interest, is around 8 - 9 million a year. think of how many care centres that could run, or library facilities etc,  with that extra amount, the total goes up to around 400 and then what, do we just keep saying hoorah, and as tax payers, pay for the mismanagement, that figure since 2003, shows to get to that level of debt, they are borrowing around £400,000 every week.. as a tax payer, are you happy with that, I'm not, so come on here shout and let them know we want answers and results..
 I recently got sent a council tax invoice for a property in Swindon central south by mistake.  The total for the house was £2.678.41 for the year 17\18.  If this was my house, Id be on the move, do any readers recognise such an amount in your tax invoice?? :argh:
Title: Re: Talk Swindon
Post by: Terry Reynolds on May 26, 2017, 09:38:25 AM
another bone of contention is that invoice has a return address in Kent, the call centre is run by a facility in Coventry, who is paying for these off loaded facilities, yes you the tax payer..... :2funny:
Title: Re: Talk Swindon
Post by: Terry Reynolds on May 27, 2017, 09:29:59 AM
another point for discussion is the police precept, in Swindon north, I pay £170.27, in Swindon central south, they pay £283.78 per household, do we actually pay for the police then or am I wrong to think that should be funded by the gov??  Those two sums add up to a big amount, coupled with the other parish precept police charges that must be a huge amount, would be interesting to find out what the total collected is?? :knuppel2: