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Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / its called passing the buck....
« Last post by Terry Reynolds on December 15, 2018, 09:22:39 AM »
I wonder how many readers, yesterday read the pubic notice in the adver, to let people know that the council is in the process of leasing off nearly all of its open public play spaces, in such areas as west Swindon, mordon, gorsehil etc, they are going to be leased off to the respective parish council. This may seem a good idea, but what it amounts to, is just the council passing the buck to the parish councils to fund and support these areas, which will mean more local parish tax payments to meet the demand.  Its was also announced yesterday that C. Tax is go up by around 6% this year, let alone the cost of the police remit, which is now doubled, and as shown today, most chief police offices now earn more than the prime minister. Time for the Yellow Jackets I think.....
Coffee Talk & New Member Introductions movement / Re: May 2018 - So....who's about?
« Last post by WaggleB on December 14, 2018, 05:59:36 PM »
Hello - ToBeS here under a different log in - can't seem to get my 'ToBeS' one reactivated.

I've been thinking a lot about the value of Talk Swindon. I think its really worth reactivating

1. The Adver and local BBC are pale shadows of their previous incarnations, and the town is lacking the kind of investigatory and long-term lobbying citizen journalism which happened here

2. Whilst social media has taken over much of the input and discussion, using facebook as a forum is a CRAP option, and I think people are slowly coming round to that. The reasons are numerous: Threads become too long on FB and are impossible to read. Threads on a community page are 'unsearchable' - and statements made are often impossible to find later on (and so its impossible to hold politicians to account later too). Most of the FB community admins have a very restrictive and frequently openly biased editorial control over the content.

I think we CAN make TS work again; we need to see if we can get a quorum of contributors working again for starters; then we can link new threads to a sister FB group page and from there onto other FB pages to stimulate interest and traffic back here. Basically, we can use TS as the 'debate chamber' - and post links to social media in exactly the same way people link to newspaper articles.

I think TS is needed more now than ever before...


Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / adver price rise.....
« Last post by Terry Reynolds on November 24, 2018, 09:19:51 AM »
Am told today, that the Adver, from Monday is to go up to 70p per issue, today's issue has 32 pages, and of that, around 20 are just adverts.  Do me a favour...
Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / Building on Swindon urban green spaces
« Last post by the gorgon on October 07, 2018, 09:52:47 AM »
Just been told about the council potentially allowing build houses on part of The Lawn, but it doesn't stop there the map I've linked to below shows all of the potential building locations on open green spaces in Swindon.  Share on facebook etc.

Objections need to got to by 12th Nov
Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / planning....
« Last post by Terry Reynolds on September 14, 2018, 06:04:18 PM »
The people who live in Chapel Street, Buller street, Gypsy lane, bridge end  road, are now wondering what is going on, as they have all been subject to council leaflets, which say that Lidls are going to knock down the supermarket in Chapel street, as part of a refurbishing programme....
Turns out that the planning dept of the council has made a cock up and no such thing is on the cards, after all it was only refurbished  a few years back.. Just more bad management and yes the tax payer paid for the leaflets....
Who do you vote for......
Still here!
The Mechanics Institute / Re: Mechanics Institute - Just what is going on??
« Last post by Karsten on July 26, 2018, 12:41:19 AM »
So there is some life yet in talkswindon.

I did just try to buy the south part.. wish I did it a year ago.. might have suceeded.

Might still just need to undo the restoration of Forefront..
complained to Companies House, Insolvency, HSBC to no avail..

next thought maybe make inland Revenue aware?  Banking ombudsman? 
English Heritage did have the power to compulsary purchase back before 2010 but never did.
Wonder if Historic England has same power?
SBC does but doesn't want to :-(

Ask Charles?  Nah what help would that do.. and how?

Anyone got an idea of how to scupper Forefront restoration so the building can have an owner..

I agree the North is little more than a ruin, but the South edition is still worthy of saving. It's moth balled weather tight (sort of)better than when Mountmead owned the MI.
Singh did as he promised and made the North roof rot.
But even shells of grand building can become new again..

Not as NMIPT envisage it though.. you need to think outside the box and attach money not just ask for it.

If I did get a bid accepted.. I'd invite people to de-veg the South part..

Any company formation lawyers read this?
Kirsten, would love to help in anyway you want, but now feel the best option for the building now to raise it to the ground and start again.. all we get is sound bites, and more sound bites, the council are worthless in doing anything apart from spending our money. and the building slowly falling down.. a complete eyesore now and not a thing doing about it..
take care and best of luck, any help wanted is there...
The Mechanics Institute / Re: Mechanics Institute - Just what is going on??
« Last post by Karsten on July 25, 2018, 05:23:27 PM »
Guess Talkswindon is dead.. not a lot of posts in here..

Does anyone interested in the MI want to help me sort out ForeFRont Estates ltd after they have been restored 30 th Aug 2017?

Any ideas?
Complain to Isolvency service  & Fraud Action.  companies house. not in their remit !!  HSBC.. don't want to know keep passing me back to Indian Call Center.

Councilllors?   Silent when there is a problem.. Like to be heard during an election.
Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / Re: road works
« Last post by Richard Symonds on July 20, 2018, 07:11:25 PM »

Now that the Road Works have been removed you can see they have only done half the job

as usual!!
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