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I still check in from time to time. The site is very quiet so there isn't much to read or comment on. If people return I would become a regular contributor again.
There's enough to talk about isn't there!

The perilous state of the Council

David Renard's Political masterstroke over the Parishes where he cleverly keeps all the revenue earning assets and passes the crap to the parishes - Don't start Terry Reynolds off on the Gorse Hill Bogs!!!  Borough Councillors are now neither Responsible or Accountable so why do we need them?

Time to Campaign for 57 Borough Councillor Redundances - they are on the parishes anyway where they also receive an allowance for what they should be doing for the Council!

Get rid of the 57 and that would save at least £1m at a stroke

Geoff, good to see yoU back on line, and hope the site is doing ok, very still now but just needs a few prompts to get them out of the woodwork..
regards, TERRY..

New Member Registration Disabled (Temporarily) while I root out and delete some spambots  :)
Anyone still reading/visiting TS?

Is its death state a permanent thing or are we just hibernating?

If just hibernating should it emerge as something slightly/very different?

Or do we call it a day and let it slide gently into the dark......?


Tapatalk should be gone. :)
thats a job for Geoff but he doesn't appear very often on here if at all!! I have this site on my favourites block and each time I just clock on the link and it comes up, never had any trouble with tapatalk etc.. :coffee:

I'm hoping to be able to be slightly more regular from now on :)

I'll look at the Tapatalk issue immediately :)
Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / Re: Whitworth Cemetery..
« Last post by Terry Reynolds on May 11, 2018, 04:03:51 PM »
and so the stories continue.... after the sunday, I was informed by streetsmart, that the toilets were locked up, due to a key issue, I think they had lost them, but the matter had been resolved and was now back to normal, yesterday I received a email from the council leader to say that the toilets were locked up, due to the fact that they are being closed down and when finished, the ladies one will be a mixed use one and the gents will be closed down. streetsmart made no mention of this, there is no notice on the chapel door or the toilet doors to say this,   so presume the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is saying or perhaps we have now returned to political answers that say or do nothing.... Pork Pie anyone.....
Rm 101. Misc. Odds and Ends / Re: Whitworth Cemetery..
« Last post by Terry Reynolds on April 29, 2018, 10:59:02 AM »
Went to the cemetery again today and yes the toilets are locked still, perhaps the council has a bad water debt with the water company....
May elections coming  up.......
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