Author Topic: Questions about what West Swindon was like 20-30 years ago  (Read 727 times)

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Questions about what West Swindon was like 20-30 years ago
« on: January 10, 2015, 01:03:35 PM »
I'm new to the TalkSwindon forums, and have signed up due to the fact that I'm interested in the history of areas of where I live, with this site being the best place to discuss such topics (all the other Swindon forums are about the football club). I've had a decent knowledge over West Swindon since 2004 when I moved to the area, however the only info which I have from earlier is either from the Link Magazine, some pictures on Flickr, and a couple of maps (plus OldMaps).

First of all, I stumbled upon a picture of a garden centre located almost exactly where the West Swindon Centre is now in an issue of the Link Magazine. The building was sort of to the side of this car park, so was this a mislabelled building as it stands today, or did they have a garden centre for a few years? I think the second, though, since the car park almost filled what I think is part of the building.

Next, are there any pictures out there of Whitehill Way, Tewkesbury Way, Roughmoor Way or Mead Way from the 1980s/90s? I'm curious since it's hard to picture them today with low plants.

Almost all of the maps which I've come across from the day seem to show an entrance to Freshbrook from the Whitehill/Great Western roundabout, cutting across where the Volvo garage now is. There also appears to be some proposed roads which were never built - for example, a different entrance into Old Shaw Lane (then Shaw Road). Were any of them ever built, then demolished/altered?

Finally, this one is about Greendown School. I once asked a few teachers there if they knew if the whole of the old looking school was built in 1986, and some said yes, while a couple mentioned that the B (further west) block was built before the D bit. If you went to Greendown back in the 1980s, please could you answer this one.

If you have a prediction/answer for any of these, could you give it, since I've tried to research but still don't have enough information.  :santa_smiley: