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Overlaying GPS Data Onto Cycle Ride Videos

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Geoff Reid:

I've been wanting (for quite a while now) to have a dabble with overlaying gps data onto some of our favourite cycle ride videos and the poor weather last weekend gave me the opportunity to do just that.

This is a very short clip from my first attempt.  I need to alter the interval logging on my Garmin (GPSmap62) to make it slightly easier to sync with the video but overall I'm quite pleased.

Also my first attempt at overlaying a sort of moving map.

Phil Chitty:
That is impressive.

I'm clearly going to have to ask Santa for some new toys!!

Geoff Reid:

--- Quote from: Phil Chitty on November 24, 2014, 02:24:12 PM ---That is impressive.

I'm clearly going to have to ask Santa for some new toys!!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Phil :)

Currently I'm using Garmins (free) Virb edit software to combine the video and gpx log.  When combined Virb Edit can export to video.

Garmin do a cracking little gps enabled action camera called the 'Virb Elite' but because I don't yet have one I'm using my polaroid xs100hd action cam for the video and my Garmin GPSMap 62 for the gpx log.  I did experiment with exporting MapMyRide gps data but this wasn't successful because MapMyRide exports the route minus all gps timestamps. Can't generate speeds without timestamps.  This was a shame because I log all my rides with MapMyRide but don't usually log all my rides with my Garmin GPS unless it's a 'special' ride.

Virb Edit only works with mp4 files so I have to re-encode all my Quicktime (.mov) files generated by my Polaroid before I can start.


You'll go mad Geoff! :surrender:

Geoff Reid:

--- Quote from: Outoftowner on December 08, 2014, 09:49:28 AM ---You'll go mad Geoff! :surrender:

--- End quote ---

I have moderate means so I believe I tend towards eccentricity rather than madness....

...and besides, when I'm a bit older and can't remember much, the videos will supply some clues as to where I've been!  :D


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