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Is it or isn't it? - Crombey Street Cycle Lane..... or not

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Geoff Reid:
Although Crombey Street is shown as a cycle *route* on google maps, Openfietmap and Swindon Borough Councils own cycle route map, whether the marked (on the road) cycle *lane* is actually a cycle lane anymore is open to interpretation.

Given that car parking spaces have been marked out over the cycle lane, and yellow lines painted over the white bicycle logos, I don't think it's a cycle lane anymore although (see the video) the opinion of some drivers may differ.

Comments welcome :)

the gorgon:
I think it certainly was a cycle lane.  I'd have to double check but I'm pretty sure a the start of a cycle lane has to be indicated as such with a cycle painted on the road surface and/or or a blue sign.  If a lane ends it then has to be re-signed as a cycle lane, even if it's a few meters up the road.

Doing a streetview down the road there's bike painted on the road near Eastcott Hill and at the end of that stretch there's an END painted on the road.  I don't see any more bikes painted on the road so it's safe to assume that it's not a cycle path. 

I'd say I'm allowed to plough through cyclists in that zone, with due deference to the kerbs.

Geoff Reid:

--- Quote ---"I'd say I'm allowed to plough through cyclists in that zone, with due deference to the kerbs".

--- End quote ---

...said the UK shuttle van driver  ;D

Phil Chitty:
Looking at this and the other recent thread, you are of course absolutely right Geoff. Having said that, once you focus on the problem any idiot can see that.

Between us on here I'm sure we can prove our real worth and come up with a workable solution to this potentially fatal problem


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