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What I have replaced brassicas with
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:02:17 PM »
Since I am sans allotment, which in France is probably called a farm and attracts  EU funding, I have rediscovered the spanner.

My Eternal Radiance has a 14 year old Ka, she has had it 11 years, since then it has amassed a colossal 36,000 miles. We faffed about looking at the convertible and 1600 sporty version but found that dealers are generally gits, rocked me back on my heels I can tell you.

I thought I could find a way to keep the car she adores and incorporate bits she might like from the other Kas.

So it began, out went the quaint cassette player, and in went a CD player, which she doesn't use. Probably too preoccupied with thinking happy thoughts about me.

Out went the air filter, in went an induction kit, just take the top off the factory fitted air box and drill a nice neat hole in what is left if you are interested. Buzzes along very nicely. Madame specifically told me not to do this, but, hey ho.

Out went the gnarly original black plastic bumpers, in came colour coded jobs courtesy of eBay, bit of T-cut and coloured wax, gentle blow over and lots of effing and blinding, due to plastic feckin clippy things instead of good old English bolts, and they look a treat.

Shiny number plate surrounds and ta ta to the old dealer number plates, surprising the difference that makes.

Then I went a bit bonkers and slung on some angel halo type headlights, Ford wasted no cable, that's all I'm saying. Found I could still read a wiring diagram though. So encouraged I went and lobbed in some Lexus styles rear lights, £30 on you know where, finished off with clear indicators, in the event my Darling uses them. £7, I mean, for flips sake, why not?

I then thought a boot spoiler might look nice, EBay again, bit of rubbing down, another gentle blow over, some frankly terrifying drilling of bodywork and I am frankly surprised, and a bit limp with relief.

Wheel from the scrapyard since SBC placed a kerb where it interfered with my Beloved's progress and made her wheel look like a tortilla chip, all wheels off, spray and lacquer, steel, contrasts nicely with the silver of the car and I'm nearly done.

Still on the lookout for a leather interior and wondering whether lowering it 35mm (a French thing) would be a step too far......

Thoroughly enjoyed me self, mind you, rear bumpers tomorrow. Bloody rivets. I ask you.

Limo glass? Mmmmmm.

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Re: What I have replaced brassicas with
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 10:25:24 PM »
I can almost hear the A-Team theme tune playing in the background.

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Re: What I have replaced brassicas with
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2014, 08:42:52 AM »
Why do I get the feeling that 'E.R' might have well been wishing she could get her old, but beloved car 'listed' before you started work on it?
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