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Re: Great Western Hospital Access Road
« Reply #20 on: May 03, 2014, 12:00:28 PM »
Planning and/or transport planning don't seem to be an exact science. More of what is fashionable thinking at the time.

The council went through a phase where their attitude to green travel was to try to make car use undesirable when it would have been better to have attempted to make public transport desirable.

Poor road layouts and inadequate parking provision were provided in an attempt to socially engineer people out of their cars and on to buses. This approach was doomed from the start.

Building houses without garages on estates with narrow meandering roads doesn't reduce car ownership or journeys. It increases inconsiderate parking, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. Building bus gates and forcing cars to drive the long way round doesn't increase bus usage, it increases car journey times and emissions.

In the case of buses, the council cuts them as soon as the section 106 subsidy runs out. In the long run it would have been better to use the 106 money to improve the road network rather than have a subsidised bus for a few years and then nothing.

One of my friends lives at Alexander Park and is concerned that the bus service will soon be cut. When the estate was built, there was no footpath into Wroughton, so the developer was forced to subsidise the bus. Now that a footpath has been built, my friend is worried that the bus service will be reduced or dropped all together. She will be forced to use the car for everything.

If the council/government want people to use buses they need to be frequent, cost effective and subsidised where necessary. Cutting services that aren't profit making leads to an unreliable service. If the service is unreliable, people will need cars for when the buses aren't running and if they have cars why would they ever use a bus?

Regarding bus snobbery, the last time that I used the bus was to get into town for the works Christmas party. I am not a large person, but the seat was too narrow for me to sit comfortably. I spent an uncomfortable 30 minutes squashed up against a stranger who smelt of wet dog. Not a pleasant experience. I would rather pay £10 for a taxi than £2 for a bus.