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My Favourite Swindon Cycle Routes #3 - The Western Flyer


Geoff Reid:

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Published on Youtube 26th Apr 2014

From Station Road in Swindon town centre to the Mead Way underpass in West Swindon the 'Western Flyer' provides cyclists with a fast, and *usually* safe Western route to and from the town centre.

I say *usually* safe because some essential water works have partially, (temporarily), closed the section of the Western Flyer adjacent to B&Q on Great Western Way.

The diversion currently in place, (at 26th April 2014), requires riders to use some temporary *pedestrian* lights to cross 4 lanes of the Great Western Way dual carriageway. None of the white lines usually found at crossings have been added to the road and drivers *often* fail to realise that there are lights there at all. I've nearly been knocked off twice and now use B&Q's car park instead. Last week a cyclist was knocked off and seriously injured there.

See following url for Swindon Advertiser report:

My advice is: If you use the temporary crossing wait until you are sure that all traffic has stopped and has seen you before crossing the road. Also be aware that the official diversion route is actually a footpath and cyclists are warned (by a temporary sign) to dismount. You will notice in the video that every rider you see uses the B&Q car park and not the diversion or Great Western Way itself.

We like the Western Flyer. From our gaff in West Swindon we can be in the town centre in under 20 minutes. That's faster than using our car.... :)

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Track 1 - 'Hallon' Christian Bjoerklund

Track 2 - 'Freak Boutique' Spiedkiks

Track 3 - 'Rouge' Raw Stiles

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Some friends of mine are involved with this project - might be worth a nose!  :)

--- Quote ---…marking time… along the Western Flyer
The …marking time…. along the Western Flyer participatory arts project is part of the new enhancements to the Western Flyer cycle and pedestrian route, funded by Swindon Travel Choices. Led by Create Studios in its 30th anniversary year, and artist Scott Farlow, the project aims to increase the profile of the Western Flyer route by raising awareness of the rich heritage and social history that is passes through.
The Western Flyer is a two mile branded cycle and pedestrian route connecting the town centre, Rodbourne and Barnfield with West Swindon.  Relatively flat, the route is ideal to use to visit friends, to journey to work or to enjoy at a leisurely pace. The estimated journey time is 15-20 minutes by bike or 30-40 minutes on foot.
The …marking time… along the Western Flyer creative team used the archive of Swindon’s pioneering photographer William Hooper (1864 – 1955), and the rich heritage of the route as a stimulus for a series of community workshops, imaginative activities, walks and presentations  in West Swindon, Rodbourne and along the route itself, involving over 200 people over 8 months.
Local residents of all ages and users of the route were invited to explore and share their stories of the Western Flyer route – its heritage, social history and modern day use – which were captured in film, photographically, in sound and as drawings and text. The rich and extensive content produced by members of the community contributed to the creation of four new films, a new app, a downloadable soundscape, a new photographic collection and archive and exhibition brochure.  Collectively, this creative output forms the celebratory exhibition of the …marking time…along the Western Flyer project and the Western Flyer route which will open in summer 2014.
Check back for updates on exhibition dates!
In the meantime, follow us on:
Facebook Marking Time Along the Western Flyer
Twitter @TheWesternFlyer
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