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My Favourite Cycle Routes - Trowbridge to Bath on National Cycle Route 4

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Geoff Reid:
We've had a busy week - walking in the Brecon Beacons again and have managed to clock a few miles on the bicycles.

Last Thursday we rode part of National Cycle Route 4 along the Kennet and Avon canal from Trowbridge into Bath and back again. (26 miles)

Youtube description:

--- Quote from: Me ---A sunny and warm April morning....just perfect for riding from the Hilperton Marina in Trowbridge to Bath along the towpath, (National Cycle Route 4), of the Kennet & Avon canal.

Plenty to see along this 13 mile ride (26 miles there and back): Bradford On Avon, the Avoncliff viaduct, Bathampton and finally Bath itself.

Most of the video is accelerated to about 4x normal riding speed, (roughly equivalent to about 47 mph), with slow-downs to normal at interesting points.

We opted to have a pub lunch at the George Inn at Bathampton. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the pub has a large garden and there's plenty of space to lock your bikes up.

We were pleased we didn't wait until getting back to the pub in Avoncliff which, although nice looking, didn't compare well to the George in terms of friendliness, service, quality, toilets or price.

You pays your money and you takes your choice...... we'll certainly go back to the George
--- End quote ---


Download the GPX file for this ride here (Right click on url and select 'save link as'):

I think Tig has some stills, will add them as and when she gives 'em up :)

I Could Do That:
Saw this video and got inspired to dig the tandem out (first time in 2 years following surgery) yesterday (Easter Monday)

As the tandem is like a section of scaffolding slung between two wheels, we opted to park at Semington to drag our steed out of the van.

Went as far as The George to stop for lunch (excellent recommendation) then returned to Semington

Worked out exactly 13 miles each way.

Nice trip, but a little busy in places.

If only we had  a quid for every time somebody said

"The one on the back ain't pedalling"

"Can you ride tut tandem"

"Daisy Daisy give me your answer do...."


Not to worry. We love the attention and had a great afternoon.

Thanks Geoff  :)

Geoff Reid:
I liked it but I can well imagine how much busier it would be on a Bank holiday  :-\

Did you need to go really carefully to get t'tandem round the sharp corners under some of the bridges or swoop through them in a blaze of derring-do ?

Anyhow, your comment about the Chiseldon to Marlborough path piqued our interest so tomorrow we're intending to ride from Hacken Hill into Avebury, East Kennet, West Overton, Lockeridge and then take the railway path back to Chiseldon, through Coate, then town, then home. About 50k I think.

When we're a couple orders of magnitude fitter we'll ride the whole route from home.  At present I think I'd be alright with  the hill on Hay lane (Salthrop Wood?) and Hackpen Hill itself, but Tig quite up to them yet so we'll drive the first bit.

We rode to Cirencester and back the other day - that deserves its own topic though.

I Could Do That:
Bridges were indeed "exciting to navigate"
A few honks of the horn and slow but steady threading through the arches.

We went to Cirencester, a couple of years ago, starting from B & Q (route 45?)

Terry Reynolds:
that shop, opposite the magistrates court, has two lovely red tandems in the window, and I think they are for hire..


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