Author Topic: Novel Learning Aid for Swindon and beyond.....  (Read 20403 times)

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Novel Learning Aid for Swindon and beyond.....
« on: March 21, 2014, 04:12:40 PM »
There isn’t a button for NEW TOPIC on the Jobs section which why I ask to post this enquiry on Coffee Talk:-
A novel Learning Aid for Newcomers who are learning English
I am looking for someone who would join our attempt to start-up a business in Swindon.  Their pay would be 15% of the profits so it is not weekly wages nor an up-front fee.
Most of the work would be done over two days at about every eight days.  They would be welcome to make whatever ideas they feel would be relevant to other parts of the business.
Myself and my colleague both live in Swindon.  We have an idea for an initially small business with a view to a much wider market.  We have 12 questionnaires completed by typical customers and they are all good news about the reception of the product.
We need someone who has some experience of Text Formatting and of doing PhotoShop to put advertisements on pages about 21cms x 27cms as a hard copy publication on newspaper-type paper. 
Or who we think is committed enough to make a good go of it even if they do not have professional qualifications.
I’ve enquired of Swindon College several times, as regards this being of interest to business students, but they don’t bother to reply.   I could put an advert in the Swindon Plus Job Centre but we are not looking for ‘an employee’, we need someone who could do the work about every 8 days and they are welcome to make whatever suggestions they feel relevant to the business.
If this of interest then I could meet anywhere in Swindon ( I am retired) for an initial chat.  My email is