Author Topic: My Favourite Swindon Cycle Routes: #2 - Chiseldon to Coate Water Via National Cycle Route 45  (Read 1010 times)

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Filmed on a sunny Sunday morning near Swindon in March 2014.

Chiseldon to Coate Water via National Cycle Route number 45 is a delightful ride or walk in most weather conditions although riders and walkers should be aware that some sections through Cowleaze and Stockbridge Copse *might* be slippery due to wet leaves etc. at certain times of the year.

I filmed this while on a 20 mile circular ride from West Swindon.

Casual riders (like me) approaching from the Wroughton direction might find the ride up either Overtown Hill (the quieter hill) or Brimble Hill (the main B4005) from Wroughton quite steep so be psychologically prepared to spend a few minutes on the granny ring (or using your feet)  ;D 

I've also approached this section via the ridgeway on a ride starting from Hackpen Hill - that's a brilliant ride which is essentially downhill all the way to Coate Water.  I haven't filmed that ride yet, but will do so when I get a chance.

In my (humble) opinion this ride/walk section is well worth the effort.

* Video looks kinda nice if you select 720p - even if I do say so myself  :)