Author Topic: Yes, Has SBC Created A New A New Green Career For The Entrepreneur?  (Read 850 times)

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Now, myself and my wife have paid for a bin at each of our two bungalows, each has loads of greenery and lawns to fill our green wheelies ... in season and when the weather permits! :azn:

Apart from the Council having our money long before the system begins and IN THE BANK, they have opened up an opportunity ... I think?? :bottom:

Now, if a householder can have ten wheelies for £400 a year, with a fortnightly collection, is there money to be earned from charging a small door-to-door fee of say 50pence a green bag from neighbours etc. not taking part for one reason or another, and depositing the stuff within these, say ten bins for the collectors to take every two weeks?

They would always be full to capacity and pay for your own service with a bit of small change into the bargain! I have read the pages of rules, but I cannot see that they could really make a case as weeds is weeds and lawn clippings is lawn clippings??? :coffee:

Answers and remarks please!