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Western Flyer
« on: February 04, 2014, 07:55:15 PM »
Once again, a section of the Western Flyer is closed, this time it's the section along the back of the Westlea Industrial Estate.
What surprises me about this, is that both the Department of Transport and the charity Sustrans, have spent money on running various schemes during the summer to persuade people to leave their cars at home and use other means of travelling to work.
Come the autumn, various sections the main cycle route into town from West Swindon are closed off for refurbishments or for Thames Water to do some flood alleviation.
So why didn't they do the work first, and then run the campaigns?
I'm also curious about the Mead Way Subway. It looks very pretty now with it's big metal maps and lights, pity though it can't be seen from the road to encourage drivers "Wow that looks great, I'll have to start cycling into work instead!!", however perhaps it would have been better to spend the money on clearing the drains of the more heavily used subways such as the one at the Link Centre, and are all those lights necessary, considering that we had to have the streetlights turned off two years ago to conserve electricity?