Author Topic: Thamesdown Transport - Poor Financial Year  (Read 1587 times)

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Thamesdown Transport - Poor Financial Year
« on: February 04, 2014, 07:36:58 PM »
According to today's Adver, Thamesdown Transport has had a poor financial year. It seems a cut in grants and a reduction in bus users is to blame.
However I don't believe this is down to the economic downturn as was suggested.
Five years ago, we had some great bus services from West Swindon.
The No 1 ran from the Link Centre to Stratton St Margaret
The No 1A ran from the Link Centre to Covingham
The No 18 ran from Westlea Campus and headed up to the northern orbital
The No 19 ran from the Link Centre to Great Western Hospital stopping at the railway station, the town centre and Old Town on the way
The No 22 ran directly from the Link Centre to Old Town.
Basically you could go anywhere in Swindon from here
Since then all of these services have either been cancelled or shortened so they terminate in the town centre. Travelling to any of the above destinations means a long wait in Fleming Way for another bus. T.T. don't even run a bus service to the railway station from West Swindon any more. In my opinion this the true reason for the lack of passengers.
I do not believe what it says about the council keeping the bus company at arms length though - we've heard before about how the council do not want Swindon to become a doughnut town and I believe they are using the buses to make people use the town centre more. What does everyone else think?
Another point I've noticed over the past five years, the buses are used the most when we have snow, and due to two mild winters people have been using their cars instead.
Still I'm very pleased about the return of the No 19 bus service in the evenings. Long may it remain!