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De Havilland Comet 2c .
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:26:03 PM »
I think the Comet was one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built

It therefore gives me great pleasure as well as pride to be able to work on a project which I hope will assist the museum (The BDAC at Old Surum airfield) who are now looking after this aircraft, the worlds first jet airliner and a symbol of the innovation for which this country has long been proud.

I know we have a few air crew on the forum with a connection to Lyneham - and I'm hoping for their input and interest, as well as any info, as the aircraft in question is the Comet 2c 'Sagittarius' which both flew from Lyneham and remained there as a gate-guardian for 25+ years.


For those of you who are Facebookers, have a nose at the BDAC page and you'll see a few visual clues. The museum is lots of fun and well worth supporting too - a real 'hands on' place where kids (and a few big kids too!) are encouraged to sit in cockpits and strap in whilst retired aircrew talk them through the instruments.

I'll let you know more about 'next steps' in what I'm up to soon!

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