Author Topic: Controversial Council Licensing Ruling Lets Violent Criminal Fraudster Run Riot At Swindon Nightclub  (Read 63110 times)

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Its seems Swindon's most professional night club manager is still proving his qualifications for dealing with the public.  :o

All it takes is a little due diligence to check on the backgrounds of anyone associated with a licensed business. If they'd actually listened to the police in the first place (see page one of this thread) - and had a mandate/authority to act, perhaps dozens of people owed thousands of pounds might not be out of pocket?

The research and comments offered by other contributors seem to show that the Licensing Committee's room for maneuver is extremely limited... but in cases like this one, it does leave a tax payer like me asking what purpose they actually serve.

JASON Ranford was lucky not to be jailed for fraud and threats of violence after a judge spared his business and his child from losing him.

The former manager of the Brunel Rooms, now in a relationship with ex-colleague Paula Harris, had used her mother's credit cards to the tune of £1, 847.93 on betting websites and to pay for van insurance.

But District Judge Simon Cooper heard today how Ranford hoped to pay the money back before anyone noticed.

Adding to a long history of violence and dishonesty, Ranford, 29, of Padstow Road, also threatened to kill Alex Marshall in a scrap outside a pub in Wanborough last April, brandishing a broken bottle in his face and yelling "do you know how much I earn? I could pay someone to shoot you in the head."

Keith Ballinger, prosecuting, told the court Ranford had invited his victim outside the pub, before telling him: "I could pay someone to shoot your loved ones."

"At one stage Mr Marshall says he places his fingers in a gun shape and places it against his temple," said Mr Ballinger. "He then takes a wine glass and smashes it, pushing that towards him, lunging towards him with the broken end, and he was fearful about what would happen.
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"He continued to make threats saying 'I am going to kill you, you are dead tomorrow'. "

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You are of course quite right Tobes. There is no way Ranford should have been let loose to run a nightclub.

I think though that the problem goes deeper than the Licencing Act of 2003. Over recent years our glorious MP's have passed reams of legislation, a lot of it enabling legislation that enables ministers and sometimes Civil Servants to enact regulation upon regulation. The more you legislate the harder you make it for the Judiciary to give judgements in equity.

Some of the greatest advances in our legal system in the 20th century have stemmed from judges literally handing down judgements in equity.

Pre 2003 the Police would have been able to say to the Magistrates that the licence should be withheld because of Ranford's involvement.

I do make this argument even with the knowledge that only last week a Judge let Mr Ranford continue to walk the streets. I too find that inexplicable.