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Commuting By Bicycle - Hybrid Upgrade: Boardman MX Race or Voodo Marasa?

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Geoff Reid:

Ah, it seems I'm incapable of keeping my tongue still  ;D

I've had ice-cream brain-freeze via the roof of my mouth, and cycling brain-freeze through the top of my now I'm wondering what it would be like to get both at the same time.  Presuming that eating an ice cream on a cold day doesn't cause a crash itself, I'm wondering what the physical effect of a double brain freeze would be?  :buck2:

The cold gets to my sinuses.....result whole headache.

Geoff Reid:

--- Quote from: Muggins on March 10, 2015, 03:29:44 PM ---The cold gets to my sinuses.....result whole headache.

--- End quote ---

Sinuses...what are they good for, eh?

Anyhow, I was intending to replace the Boardman next month and have accordingly spent some time looking at potential replacements.  After careful consideration and reflecting on my learning experience with the Boardman MX race, I've decided that the best £1,000 fit for me would be.....another Boardman :)

Given that I would essentially be buying the same basic bike, (but with higher quality individual components), I've decided to keep the MX and steadily upgrade some of the components to a quality and mix of my choosing, rather than to a 'price-point' chosen by the manufacturer.   This was quite an easy decision really because, firstly, I really like the MX and have grown very attached to it and, secondly, I'm not easily swayed by peer pressure, marketing campaigns and magazine articles about what's 'in' this month so I don't feel particularly anxious about riding an older model in public :)

To that end I'll start another thread covering my gradually upgrading of the MX.  It's suffered very few problems, (non of them insurmountable), over its first 3,000 miles so, here's to the next 3,000! :)

From now on I'll be posting stuff about my MX Race here: Commuting By Bicycle #2 Upgrading My Boardman MX Race: The Next 3,000 miles


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