Author Topic: Animal bedding manufacture aka bio-mass energy generation at Cheney Manor  (Read 8652 times)

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The figures quoted about power output are extremely confusing and inconsistent within the Non-Technical Summary:

Para 1.1.3 refers to 31 MWe output (which from further reading would require in the region of 300 000 tons of biomass per annum to generate)

However, para 3.1.1.iii refers to Phase 2 of the development delivering a net 3MWe to the local distribution network.

Which is correct?

What is also uncertain is how much stuff, and of what nature, needs to be transported into the plant. The doc says that 50 000 tons per annum of bio-mass and waste wood is required to fuel the boiler to generate 50 000 tpa of animal bedding.

This begs the questions:

How much raw material, ie virgin timber, is required for the bedding itself? Where specifically will it come from within a 50m radius of Swindon? And is it being sustainably sourced?

Also, the document needs to be much clearer on the quantity of previously treated waste wood it would look to incinerate, as it is the potential contaminants rising through the chimney from this type of appropriated fuel which would be of greatest concern.

All in all I fear this is an extremely misleading summary of what is planned for CM, and it would appear that Forward Swindon have either knowingly or otherwise got hold of the wrong end of the stick. How ironic that the site in question is the former home of EasyLiving. If only.

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@60A per mains incoming fuse, if that's still the case, then you're right, not a great deal after all.

What concerns me about the current application is the number of lorries necessary to bring in all this wood and take out the horse bedding product. Roads around here are already clogged up as it is without considering the additional affects from the future Tadpole development. I know everyone immediately jumps on the "traffic" bandwagon (no pun intended) when objecting to planning apps, but in this case I think there is real cause for concern. The other thing is that they say it will have little negative visual impact, and then go on to show that parts of it are three times the height of the current buildings.   :WTF:

Cheney Manor in its heyday would have been a busy industrial estate with the likes of garrads, plessey and square D.  Mind you Swindon and its traffic has changed a lot since then!

The logical thing to do would be to build some railway sidings by the Swindon - Gloucester line and bring the stuff in by rail - so of course it'll never happen.