Author Topic: EU to reduce power of suck from your hoover after lab tests prove too powerful  (Read 1852 times)

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Something to do with saving the planet  :-\

Billionaire entrepreneur Sir James Dyson, who built his empire on his bagless vacuum invention, said: “The proposed regulations are designed around an older generation of vacuum cleaner – old bag technology – cultivated by some German manufacturers in the past. “It encourages vacuums that are difficult to push. Engineers will be straitjacketed into ‘developing’ machines of yesteryear.”

Makers have also raised fears that the “green” machines will be less efficient at picking up grime, mud and pet hair around the house.

Sir James went on to slate sterile EU lab tests for the less-powerful models, describing them as “unrepresentative” of everyday family life.

The British businessman added: “Brussels wants to test dust-free vacuum cleaners in lab conditions.

"But real homes have dust which clogs bags and leads to a loss of suction.

“The proposed Energy Label will not result in high performing tech.”

Perhaps the people of Europe should be given the choice of what they can buy to hoover their carpets  :coffee:

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EUrocrats are just the dimmest things - talk about saving energy? Most of them are dimmer than a 10watt bulb.

If this really does become policy, it won't save any energy at all, as people will clearly have to vacuum for longer. Duh!

Mind you, worth digging a little deeper on this, as Mr Dyson is an accomplished self-publicist and he's quoted a suspiciously large amount in this article - smells like a press-release to me...
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