Author Topic: Tenants Rents To Rise ?  (Read 7230 times)

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Re: Tenants Rents To Rise ?
« Reply #20 on: February 23, 2013, 09:20:28 PM »
Hello Martin
I had a lovely speech prepared comparing the determination of the Tories to have an zero increase in Council Tax and were proposing to drive up rents as far as they could. A whole lot more besides on paying down the dept over 40 years instead of 30 years creating an extra million pounds and spending some of it on refurbishment and renewal. They asked Steve and I for a meet at the last minute and knowing that Woods always votes with the Tories or leaves the room we took the bird in the hand, the RPI only compromise. You now know more than they do about Capital so it’s over to you Martin. Did get in there the requirement of a report to Housing Advisory on how to apply the additional capital fund, they had already conceded you demand to reduce from £8M to £5M repayment of the capital debt. That’s a 30 year plan, I wanted a 40 year plan. However the recent change on triple A rating will have a further inflation effect as will the world wide printing of money that will make the debt overhang irrelevant within 10 years and the first redemption is not due for best part of 11 years.
I would post my speech but seems a bit self-important now given we won the central demand without a shot being fired. It so happens that the Mayor ballsed it up and I never got to say anything on the HRA

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Re: Tenants Rents To Rise ?
« Reply #21 on: February 23, 2013, 09:26:34 PM »

Thanks to Richard Symonds foresight in asking for permission to film the agenda items relating to the budget - and leaders of all three political groups agreeimg to him doing so - we should be able to see the debate early next week.

I'll be processing the video on Monday.

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