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Re: Blunsdon & Highworth Council By Election - 15th November 2012
« Reply #40 on: November 18, 2012, 10:16:49 PM »
Why the comment on Jim Grant Richard?

Quite simple really Martin, I thought that Jim Grant was or should that be is the Leader of the Labour Group and the man in charge of the campaign to secure Highworth for a Labour Councillor.  Do you think he did a good job then?

The key question is what policies does Labour have.

Well, I don't know the answer to that one so why on earth would the voting public want them as a administration if they do not why they should vote for them?

That's where the problem lies rather than who holds the Leader's job. For instance, I think they made two strategic errors. Firstly, throwing in their lot with 'One Swindon' and supporting last year's Council Tax freeze.

So if the Leader is not responsible for agreeing policy and er well showing Leadership who is Martin?

'One Swindon' is nothing other than the government's austerity drive and the risible 'Big Society' on the local level. It is the basis on which the 'big conversation' will take place - that is acceptance of austerity, which was well described by one economist as like the blood leetting of a medieval doctor.

Accepting a council tax freeze meant accepting that cuts locally would be deeper than they otherwise would have been.

Whilst the government is butchering public services it is letting the private monopolies rip us off and get away with apying bugger all in taxes. Labour has not broken with the politics of New Labour, has failed to galvanise its traditional supporters. It hasn't even had the courage to commit to re-nationalising the railways yet, despite the popularity of the demand.

If no alternative is evident and no alternative policies offered what on earth is there to challenge either central government or Rod Bluh. 

and getting back to my original point if Labour do not challenge but agree where do we go from here?

As for Labour Party policy

What is their policy on Croft School and Class Solutions as it appears they agree with the administration by default by not making public the school entrance figures that were made available to them?

What is their policy on Tadpole Farm as their members on planning blindly voted for it?

What is their policy for protecting the elderly and the vulnerable with the privatisation of Care Provision?

What is their policy on protecting Enterprise Works as no protest has been made public when it was just handed over to Sequol.  What guarantees have they achieved to ensure its survival beyond the next six months?

What is their policy on the payment of the considerable bills associated with the disastrous investment in Digital City (UK) Ltd., when their Leader made no public demand for publication of the Accounts in full when we have paid for them?  They have yet to prove that they will ensure an incisive and definitive investigation into this whole unsavory business!

Privately I have been aware that they would have reversed that numpty redesign of whalebridge but they failed to share it with the voting public.

In fact I am at a loss to understand they have any policies of note, so are they afraid that if they share them with us all that Roderick will pinch them for himself?  Are they that unsure of themselves and their ability to publicise them?

And going back to Jim Grant, Rod Bluh has got him exactly where he wants him so time for a change I am afraid!!


Another rare agreement between us, Richard.

I am very grateful to you Tobes, maybe there has been greater agreement than you had been aware hitherto!
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Re: Blunsdon & Highworth Council By Election - 15th November 2012
« Reply #41 on: November 18, 2012, 10:54:03 PM »
People haven't highlighted any redeeming features of Small and Grant.  Surely there are also some that you can wax lyrical about?

Privately yes, but they're irrelevant in the political context.

Publicly and politically speaking perhaps you could start us off ?

Thanks for the invite Geoff.  However, it would appear that others on this thread know far more about Small Grant than anything I could have added.  With the LibDems running round Old Town saying one thing and Labour not challenging them perhaps Richard S has now capped this thread off. :2funny: