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Re: Chemical question
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Armed with what I had been able to find out here and the wisdom of some of your comments, I took this to our Forum meeting last evening.  Luckily one of our Stratton Cllrs turned up, Joe Tray - who is also a Fireman.  He had done his research and was able to report that he had gone at it from that viewpoint and was able to re-assure us.

10 out of 10 then for Joe.  I mentioned the enforcement and he going to take our comments to the Enforcment Officer on our behalf.  It's a long time since we have been able to trust a Cllr to do that!

My niggling concern is that there have been a lot of empty units at Groundwell for some years, with little or no apparent interest in pushing/promoting that industrial estate (in front of others).  Then suddenly the first one we see in a long long time is some chemical thingy - was Groundwell an dumping ground for something noxious?  Ah, shove it over there, sort of thing?

One to keep our eye on!
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