Author Topic: Not Quite Time Lapse: A Kind Of Veggie-Plot Progress Update  (Read 4378 times)

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Re: Not Quite Time Lapse: A Kind Of Veggie-Plot Progress Update
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Ahh, the two ring camping stove - that brought back memories!  I used to be able to cook a meal for 5 bigguns on it back in the day.  With that AND the pressure cooker.  Used to cook a whole chicken in it, then bag that up in tinfoil and then cook the veggies. 

I've made a good mulled drink on the one ringer down the Orchard - not wine, 'cause we're t-total whilst we are there - petrol strimmers, bill hooks and strong liquor don't mix. Well, not whilst we have public access and liabilty to consider.

As for lofts??  Well, mine is legendary on Penhill, if there is anything you need, please ask. I think I've even got a policemans helmet and a rabbit suit somewhere up there, and half a dozen hard hats, if yours is as shallow as ours you'll know why.
Oi! Listen mush. Old eyes, remember? I’ve been around the block a few times. More than a few. They’ve knocked down the blocks I’ve been around and rebuilt them as bigger blocks. Super blocks. And I’ve been round them as well.  The Doctor (Night Terrors)