Author Topic: Gorsehill Consultation Reassurance Given by Developers Who Propose to Regenerate Green Space.  (Read 20930 times)

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Muggins our boy Rod is a very busy boy at the moment.

He is in the Adver ripping out railings in the Railway Village and now about to revamp a number of squares in the town. 

The Adver being the mouthpiece of the Administration specifically told us that Dale Heenan has been fighting for funding for Covingham Square.  Funny or not so funny that all this is happening is a blatant attempt to increase the possibility of returning our Dale and a Conservative Administration.  He knows he has to do something and that is to increase his profile just before the election.  I am sure the people of Covingham and Nythe are wise to this fact and will vote accordingly.

Just one important question though!  From where is all the money coming?  This is in considering we are already £100m in debt added to which we will have to find a further £139m to fund the Council House purchase that has been imposed on us by a Conservative Government.  Our Rod now wants to spend even more money, whilst making significant cuts elsewhere, on unecessary works on the squares, that to the best of my knowledge has not been raised by the people who live there and who will have to ultimately fund it.

If he was so keen to get things moving in places such as Sussex why did the Council want a rent, for a shop that was empty there, of some £10,000 pa when others are being occupied foc?  I suggest this is an indication of a lack of joined up thinking and a return to what is generally referred to as being 'vanity' pRojects!  Furthermore I know someone who was forced from their original shop on Marlowe Avenue and now has to pay 1.5 times more for his new shop and will with an escalating rent scale struggle to pay for it in the near future. 

Will similar conditions be inflicted on the proposed regeneration sites and how does this fit in with the psychie of 'Swindon is the place where business wants to do business'?  It has to be affordable as well as 'pretty' and having been in business myself I know which one I would prefer!!
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'spect they've got a grant from somewhere just for village cetres regeneration or a nice dollpp of section 106 money. 

You would think by now that when the announce the grander schemes they would be clear about the cash as well.

After all, we have to, so fairs fair.
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