Author Topic: Car Scrap Junk Breaking Recycling  (Read 2366 times)

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Car Scrap Junk Breaking Recycling
« on: November 13, 2011, 03:51:42 PM »
Do people realise how much their scrap cars are worth. I come across stories of people being offered less than £100 to have their scrap cars removed from their homes, daylight robbery.
How much is a scrap car worth, it depends on weight the small cars, say a Ford Ka, being worth £120.00, a mid sized family car Ford Focus £150.00, a large familly car, Ford Mondeo £180.00 or a larger heavier car like a volvo Estate worth £200.00.
There are always exceptions an old mini, looking like a pile of Junk is worth between £350.00 to £2,000.00 or even more for some rare editions, the same is true of other classic models like, 2CV's or Beetles.
Furter adjustments should be made for Alloy Wheels, which will add another £10.00 to the value of your car, and if you have had any new parts fitted recently don't forget to mention it.