Author Topic: Why Are Allotments Standing Idle In Pinehurst Don't People Want Them?  (Read 9650 times)

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Re: Why Are Allotments Standing Idle In Pinehurst Don't People Want Them?
« Reply #40 on: February 14, 2012, 10:54:02 PM »
The story in the adver broke just this week, the council, or the man in charge, wont do anything about it, they have shut down the pickards small field, 126 plots alone, we have at least 4 on my site which have been empty for years and yet as people have already said, if you ask, your told its let!!, they got rid of the best officer for the job,  and replaced her with a boot licker to say the least, and then replaced her with a man who has about 6 other jobs, so you have no chance,

Im still waiting for a promise about nearly 6 weeks ago, for a skip on the site to take away some rubbish, and a request for a tenant to erect a wind break but no answers, as he is busy elsewhere.... and for this site, and I expect more around the town, the list for tenants is closed due to demand !!. we complained about the water flow rate, (the pipe is too small for the job), they sent up a council worker on a very big tractor and a pair of pliers to see what he could do, nothing, didnt think of bringing a rotovator with him to clear some of the unused plots,,

Also confirmed in the latest cabinet papers relating to Pickards Field & Kembrey Grass, which are available here:

2. Detail
2.1 Following a review of all Council allotment sites, Cabinet in 2006 approved that Pickards Small Field and Kembrey Grass Field be declared as surplus to allotment use and that both sites be disposed of for residential use.

I learned much about the way this council operates through scrutinising Rod's Wifi'asco, so it doesn't surpise me to see peoples actual experiences being very different to the 'offical' version of events. 

As I've asked before, are Swindon's allotments being deliberately 'managed' into decline, with potential allotment holders [already on waiting lists] being deliberately prevented from taking possession of plots so 'lack of use and demand' can be cited as the reason for disposing of them?

I remember the subject of allotments being raised at a West Swindon Cluster meeting, perhaps Ged Meheran and Cindy Matthews ought to familiarise themselves with the issue and chase it up.