Author Topic: Conservative's To Slash Schools Funding By up to £1.83 Million Next Year ?  (Read 7085 times)

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Re: Conservative's To Slash Schools Funding By up to £1.83 Million Next Year ?
« Reply #20 on: September 11, 2011, 10:27:55 AM »

You will find that SBC has tens of millions of pounds of council tax payers money sunk into Whicelstowe, for all intents and purposes it is the developer.

LEA Local Education Authority and  Schools Dept then perhaps no schools no need of it? What will happen to Sandford House is also an interesting question that your question poses.

Have you asked Cllr David Renard? He is the cabinet member. 
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Re: Conservative's To Slash Schools Funding By up to £1.83 Million Next Year ?
« Reply #21 on: September 11, 2011, 10:48:40 AM »
Could a bidder be influenced by a shiny new school ? Would a bidder have to buy the land/ building?? Would SBC get £££ for the Croft Land which had been CPO'd in the 1950's?
I'm sure they could, as the risks associated with building it themselves (including getting planning permission) would be removed.

This is all very new ground ( excuse the bad pun) ...are there any areas in England where the LA plans to build a whole school but has no organisation to run it?
I think this is new ground nationally, in that LEAs not being allowed to run new schools is a new thing, I believe.

Could it be used as a carrot to help sell Wichelstowe land... heh Mr don't need to use land to build a school... we have a shiny new empty school just up the road . More money in the SBC pot??
I don't think it could, given that the part of Wichelstowe nearest to this already has a new school, and the remaining bits are too far away. But on a similar tack, Taylor Wimpey are proposing to build on the land between Croft Road, Wyvern Close and East Wichel, and this could be a ready pot into which to sink their S106 money.

On a different tack... in the new world order of education...what happens to SBC's schools dept?? I really don't get this bit at all..
Actually, its not a new world order at all. The question has been raised ever city City Technology Colleges were first proposed. Under successive governments, City Technology Colleges morphed into Foundation Schools, City Academies, and then plain Academies. The same question was also raised when School governors were given more influence (back in the early 1990s as I recall). Despite all the changes that have lessened their influence, council school departments are still there.
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