Author Topic: Cllr Perkins shouts out million quid wifi rescue package is right here right now  (Read 32070 times)

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Council officers - all expenditure over £500 needs to be justified, signed off by at least two members of staff and listed on the council's internet site.

Councillors - expenditure of £130,000 requires no approval , business plan or project management.

Seems fair...

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The council has raised £130,000 ( where from we ask )

Creative Accounting, how else?

WTF have Network Rail got to do with Manchester Road, apart from being darned good customers I hear ?

Is this another example of the Council spending money with Companies using Labour from elsewhere?  Stanza pavement enterprises certainly did!!

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And so are the "Cardio" & "Avidity Consulting" web sites.

If you want a look at how to misuse English, look at the "Aqovia" website. It's a collection of words, not all of them from the Oxford English dictionary, used in random order.

You have to be able to recognise Bulls*t when you see it...someting that many (I didn't say "all" Steve!) people fail to be able to do.

They probably used a  Random Mission Statement Generator   ;D