Author Topic: SBC [Meaning Council Tax Payers] May Face £400,000+ Mechanics Institute Bill  (Read 64254 times)

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Would that be an informed public ballot, or a WiFi styled  decision? :crazy2:
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Why, is it technically a Council house now?

Someone should tell the association it's going to take a bit more than a bathroom and kitchen to sort that out, apparently the previous owner knocked the roof clean orf!

I think Russell should slip it in the terms of transfer, maybe the old College as well.
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Re: SBC [Meaning Council Tax Payers] May Face £400,000+ Mechanics Institute Bill
« Reply #262 on: November 17, 2011, 10:26:56 PM »
Ill give the first quid to start the charity of to rebuild it as just a historic monument.If everybody else does the same and we can get it safe an usable again(for whatever reasons).Then maybe the owner will show his face.

Personaly i offered the owner a quid for it last year so he wouldnt have to pay the debt hes being forced to front.

Id also be quite happy to work here under some scheme for free to revamp it.Shoot ill help run the scheme if anyone want to help.Purely charity work and donations from local businesses for the paint/materials for some free advertising or whatever.Plenty of young umemployed people would be willing im sure.

The contractors have done a fine job of sureing it up so nobody gets hurt....

Im not doing this for the owner im thinking of what a beautifull building and asset it would be to Swindon again.

Any takers...Actions speak louder..if yu get my drift.
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