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NO2ID Newsletter No 165
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++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 165 - 6th January 2011 ++
If 2010 was NO2ID's year of triumph, 2011 is likely to be the year of greatest danger.

The Identity Cards Act is now gone. Many will assume our task is done, and the threat to liberty that ID cards represented is gone. But demands for 'ID' at every turn have not disappeared. We should not assume that the pressure for mass-monitoring and state identity control has slackened. The administrator's view still is: 'Got a problem? Track everyone.' Smart electricity metering, traffic control (through ANPR), fraud detection... (the list is endless), are all being built on the basis that the maximum collection and consolidation of personal information is desirable.
We need to keep up the pressure to alter that culture. There will be fewer obvious targets at first -- though there certainly are numerous schemes that deserve exposure. It will be a less obvious (though we hope not less prominent) campaign, focussed on positive change. We will continue to work with others on the massive task of mapping and explaining the database state. But the main task is to expand and clarify, and to recruit public support for, the goals set out in the new NO2ID Petition ( -- establishing personal control of personal information that doesn't rely on the goodwill and competence of the authorities:
. Government bodies must cease all unnecessary collecting of personal information about law-abiding residents of the United Kingdom.
. The passing of personal information between government bodies, or using it for new purposes, without the genuine, informed consent of the persons concerned or a specific warrant from a court must stop.
AND legal changes to:
. Establish positive protections in law for individual privacy, and
. Give everyone a right to compensation from anyone who uses our personal information in an unauthorised way.
+ New NO2ID newsletter editor required +*
The ID Cards Act has now been revoked but NO2ID still has much work to do to halt the Database State. As we move forwards we are looking for a volunteer to take over the stewardship of our regular campaigning newsletter. No previous experience required, just enthusiasm, an ability to write clearly and keep the content focussed on NO2ID's specific mission. Please contact if you are interested.
What just happened?
+ Identity Cards Act 2006 repealed +
On 21st December the Identity Documents Act became the first Home Office Bill of the new government to pass through Parliament. The act was given Royal Assent at 9.49pm after the House of Lords dropped their amendment asking for compensation for those who had bought ID cards. The act repeals the Identity Cards Act 2006 but re-enacts sections 25, 26 and 38 of the 2006 Act, which created criminal offences relating to fake identity documents. We at NO2ID are of course glad to see the death of the ID Cards scheme for UK citizens and the National Identity Register that it created. However the new Act does retain powers from the original Identity Cards Act which allow the Home Secretary to enact the same enforced data-sharing across government that NO2ID has campaigned against from the beginning. To dismantle the ID Cards scheme but leave in place powers upon which it rested leaves us vulnerable to a resurrection of the scheme. Read the Lords debate of 21/12/10 at:
+ NO2ID Edinburgh campaigner's fight against school fingerprinting +
In the run up to Christmas the European Commission raised "significant concerns" with Britain over schools that collect and store children's fingerprints. At the heart of the story is NO2ID Edinburgh member Chris Halliday - who objected to his daughter being fingerprinted by her school. During recent years Chris has fought doggedly for the privacy of his daughter and her right not to be fingerprinted by her school. NO2ID Edinburgh co-ordinator John Welford said: "When we had a politician as a guest speaker at one of our group meetings Chris would invariably be seen collaring him or her at the end in order to present his case and seek their help. But he also wrote and spoke to several lawyers, and indeed took his case to the Information Commissioner's Office. But all to no avail. Finally, this year he took his case to the European Commission, and thankfully they have taken it very seriously, expressing serious concerns that UK government policy is at present infringing European privacy and data protection legislation. (There are, of course, close parallels here with the S and Marper case of 2008, in which the European Court of Human Rights unanimously found the previous UK Labour government in breach of Article 8 of the Convention of Human Rights over the retention of DNA profiles of innocent people)." John tells us that some Edinburgh group members will also remember Chris for his spectacular demonstration of robotic street theatre at one of their meetings in June last year, which John says: "was a thrilling, highly professional performance and not one to be forgotten". So well done Chris - the European Commission's response is some reward for all your dedication and hard work on behalf of your daughter. It's time now for us to see some prompt decisive action from the coalition government... You can read more about Chris's story in the following web articles:
+ Scale of Scottish schools fingerprinting revealed +
Freedom of information requests by Robert Brown MSP (Glasgow, Lib Dem) have revealed that 68 schools in Scotland are fingerprinting pupils. See the Lib Dem press release at:
+ Scottish Government publishes new Identity & privacy guidelines +
At the end of December the Scottish Government published its new Identity Management and Privacy Principles guidelines. The document can be found at:
What's next?

*+Follow the latest news on twitter+*
You can keep up to date with national and local groups news via our @NO2ID twitter feed which is being updated with comments, links, and notification of events and stories. See
"ID" in the news
*+ ID cards scrapped: official - Professional Security 06/01/11 +*
ID cards will be scrapped under the Coalition Government's first Home Office Bill to pass through Parliament. The Identity Documents Bill received Royal Assent on December 21.
*+ Civil servants were 'urged to get families signed up for ID cards' as scheme flopped - Telegraph 31/12/10 +*
UK and overseas border guards refused to recognise the cards - with one traveller chased through an Italian airport after trying to use one as ID.
*+ Civil servants touted ID cards to friends, family as flop loomed - The Register 31/12/10 +*
Civil servants were asked to encourage their family and friends to sign up for now-defunct ID cards amid Whitehall fears the scheme would flop, confidential documents have revealed
*+ Revealed: The full shambles of the ID card trial in Greater Manchester - Manchester Evening News 30/12/10 +*
Confidential reports into trials of the controversial £30 cards, obtained by the M.E.N., expose for the first time the chaos that surrounded their introduction. The £1bn scheme was launched in Greater Manchester in November last year but proved a hugely expensive failure, with only 13,200 people signing up.
*+ 2011 "much tougher" for NHS IT - eHealth Insider 30/12/10 +*
Analysts expect the NHS to stop spending money on IT in 2011; unless it can show that technology will provide a return on investment or efficiency gains in a matter of months.
*+ Biometric ID check of scots schoolchildren as young as four – Daily Express 28/12/10*
Dozens of Scottish schools have introduced "intrusive" biometric systems, such as fingerprinting, to identify pupils as young as four.
(Please send me any items of interest you encounter - Editor( )
To see if there's a group in your area check our list at
Or, if you're interested in starting a group yourself, please contact James on to discuss what's involved and what we have in place to support coordinators and their groups.
_*+ Cambridge +*_
*+ 11th February - abolition party +*
Friday 11th February. The Cambridge group is planning a celebration now that the Act abolishing the ID Cards scheme has actually passed. All welcome:
Friday 11th February 2011, 8pm at Garden Room, Gillespie Centre, Clare College, (in Clare Memorial Court, between Queen's Rd and the University Library). Map:
We plan to have free food and drink, and a couple of special guests. More details soon ...
_*+ Camden & Islington +*_
+ Camden & Islington group meeting +
1st Tuesday of the month, 8.00pm at The New Rose 84-86 Essex Road, Islington. All welcome.  For more info email or join the mailing list at: (
_*+ Derby +*_
*+ 18th January - Derby NO2ID Meeting +*
Derby NO2ID will be holding an informal meeting to start things up again in the Quad, Market Place, Derby at 7.30 Tuesday 18th January. All are welcome. Please contact Nick Wray on or on 07763 932 176
_*+ Edinburgh
*+ Saturdays 1pm - 3pm - Edinburgh **NO2ID**Street Stall +*
Every week, weather permitting, you will find our campaigning stall at the east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel. Do drop by for a chat. New volunteers - please contact John (, and for more group information see
*+ 26th January - NO2ID Edinburgh end of year social +*
The Edinburgh group is organising an 'end of year' social, which will also be a double celebration. Not only are we, of course, celebrating the abolition of ID cards, but also member Chris Halliday's superb success in his long fight against the compulsory fingerprinting of his daughter by her school, and in which the European Commission has recently come out in his support. The social will take place on Wednesday 26th January from 7pm in the Buffalo Grill bistro at 1 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge EH4 1HU. If you wish to join us and reserve a place please contact John (
_*+ Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire +*_
*Phase II of campaign*
Following a helpful meeting with James Elsdon-Baker on Phase II of the NO2ID campaign, ideas are welcome on how to progress the campaign in the Hull and East Yorkshire area - ideas to date include assigning topics between local supporters to keep up a constant presence of letters to local media on local issues and on local/national campaign messages, writing to MPs and local Councillors about database state issues, etc - please email if you'd like to take up this idea or have an idea of your own that you'd like to contribute.
_*+ Leeds +*_
Please contact Nadine on or join our mailing list and ask us a question! -
_*+ Manchester +*_
For information on Manchester NO2ID see or contact Dave Page on <> or 07722 615 398.
**_*+ Norwich +*_
If you are interested in the work of the Norwich group, please join their mailing list on:
_*+ Sheffield +*_
*+ 26th January - Sheffield NO2ID Meeting +*
Wednesday 26th January, 8.30pm at the Harlequin pub, 108 Nursery St, Sheffield, S3 8GG ( We meet downstairs in the bar area. We'll have a NO2ID sign on the table. Please ask the bar staff if you can't find us.
Please join the Sheffield mailing list If you haven't already: