Author Topic: 2010 Swindon Local Election Results  (Read 15182 times)

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Re: 2010 Swindon Local Election Results
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"The journey continues."
Well don't rely on Stagecoach!

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Re: 2010 Swindon Local Election Results
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Liz re: Penhillians - separate species :

Someone one once told me I have a certain look when I am angry that could turn someone into stone 

I think certain councillors have come across 'the look' before !
Maybe we just have special powers eh !

"Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects." -- Lester B. Pearson.

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Re: 2010 Swindon Local Election Results
« Reply #22 on: May 08, 2010, 04:20:40 PM »
Thanks Steve, I was just curious as I saw you in a labour leaflet and as you were a member of the tories at one point.  Given the propensity for councillors at SBC to cross the floor, some stopping in the middle for a short time and others making the journey from one side to the other in one go, I thought I'd ask if you plan to join labour.

I'm not affiliated to any party, I think of parties as being a bit of a scurge of politics, the way they force all their members to follow a party line or a party message is a bit like forcing people to buy off the peg which just forces people to sacrifice their preferences over the shade or the size in order to have something affordable.  Sometime tailor made is best and settling for off the peg just won't suffice.

A politician who follows their convictions and votes accordingly may be unpopular with other tribal politicians, but will usually have the respect of the people they serve, look at Ken Livingstone and his relationship with Blair....he still managed to become London Mayor. It's far easier to argue your case if you genuinely believe it rather than trying to argue a prescribed case presented by a party machine which you don't genuinely support.

I hope you stay independent of the other parties, in doing so you may not be trusted by the other councillors, but for the very reasons they may take that attitude towards you, IMHO the public will feel the same sense of distrust in them.

Many other councillors have been criticised on here for crossing the floor and not resigning, and you appear to have escaped that questions so far, however if you only walk half way across the floor I think you can justify your actions more effectively than anyone who leaves one party and joins another in the style of Ms Tossing Curls and her hubby and a number of others have done.

You said in your reply that you would be independent until the 20th may 2010, what happens on that day?

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Re: 2010 Swindon Local Election Results
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Hi Buster

Its a private joke, but as I know this board is read by lots of people I just thought I would put it in. 21st May is the start of the new Municipal Council Year and if you are going to cross a floor that is the day to do it. BTW This happend a few years ago when a Tory switched to Labour on that date at that meeting and it went down like the proverbial lead ballon.

To be fair as far as I can recall all those that switched have been re-elected to the council so there is life after party.

Ps Bobby never a truer word spoken in jest :)
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