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May 3rd 2007 - the next elections

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looking forward to next May & the elections - here are the cllrs who are up for election:

Abbey Meads - Peter Stoddart (Conservative)
Blunsdon - no election
Central - Michael Dickinson (Conservative)
Covingham & Nythe - Glenn Smith (Conservative)
Dorcan - Andy Albinson (Conservative)
Eastcott - Martin Wiltshire (Lib Dem)
Freshbrook & Grange Park - Geraldine Frost (Independent)
Gorse Hill & Pinehurst - John Ballman (Labour)
Haydon Wick - Ian Dobie (Conservative)
Highworth - Mel Duff (Conservative)
Moredon - Maureen Caton (Labour)
Old Town & Lawns - Fionuala Foley (Conservative)
Parks - Fay Howard (Labour)
Penhill - Andy Harrison (Independent)
Ridgeway - no election
Shaw & Nine Elms - Garry Perkins (Conservative)
St Margaret - Chris Van Roon (Conservative)
St. Philip - Deborah Baylies (Conservative)
Toothill & Westlea - Steve Wakefield (Conservative)
Walcot - Peter Mallinson (Conservative)
Western - Des Moffatt (Labour)
Wroughton & Chiseldon - Bill Morton (Conservative)

So the 20 who are up are split:
13 Conservative
4 Labour
1 Lib Dem
2 Independents

So, after the next election the Conservatives will be the largest party on the council & only need to win 1 of the 20 wards to maintain control. 

this assumes that no one changes party between now & then - BIG ASSUMPTION

Thanks for this Michael.
The last election was so much fun - we are all looking forward to the next one.

oddly enough I have been thinking about it for a while now!

Two questions.

1. Will Fay Howard swop sides before the people of Parks vte her in as a Labour cnclr?
2. Why don't you just run one or two campaigns, not bother with printing and save money for the other candidates.

Geoff Reid:

One question:

When shall we start the 'Councillors Election Sweepstakes' ?

....Frosty's a goner for starters !


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