Author Topic: North Swindon MP Michael Wills his reflection on his time in Swindon  (Read 558 times)

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Michael Wills Reflects on his time in Swindon. I found it an interesting article and I have alway found Michael to be professional in my dealings with him. I wish Michael all the best in his future endeavours. Read full article here:

I am sure that Michael will not mind me reminding people that the railway works had in fact closed in Feb 1986 though it is true that not all the staff left until the complete run  down of the works over a 2-3 year period.  The Outlet Village opened around March 12th 1997? The museum did open in June 2000. The story of the M4 yes it is mooted that DMJ was happy about it passing south of Swindon, because the Oxford lobby did not want it passing through Oxfordhire? How true this is I am not sure but something similar was also said about the M40, which had stalled at the Oxfordshire borders and the M3 that stalled at Winchester?

I am pleased to see he has been plugging for Penhill and also Pinehurst. I am sure Chav, Muggins and Andy H will be grateful? It will be interesting, to see which other politicians come out and claim his successes for pushing for strategic Urban regeneration and a Green  vision of Swindon, in the 21st C ?:banana:

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Re: North Swindon MP Michael Wills his reflection on his time in Swindon
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I wonder if Michael's referring to the restoration workshop where Muggins brother worked for some years between the GWR - British Rail closing down and his retirement. 

I have a lot of time for Michael although I can't back up his claims, but that's down to my ignorance of those issues, not his lack of involvement in them. 

I can say that on every issue upon which I have approached him mostly on behalf of the community (with the exception of the Academy) he came up trumps.   He has in the main been a good friend to Penhill.  And its so nice to have someone with half a brain to talk to!!
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