Author Topic: Dirty Tricks#1 - Labour or Tory ?  (Read 838 times)

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Dirty Tricks#1 - Labour or Tory ?
« on: January 19, 2010, 07:10:35 PM »
Alex Barker at the FT arrives a bit late in the game, Conservative Home regulars have been considering this it for at least a week as part of their 'Left Watch'.

Tory Poison Pen Letter No 2
January 19, 2010 5:03pm
by Alex Barker

The Tory poison pen letter writer is back. A blast against the “small clique” running the party, written on House of Commons headed paper, was sent to Tory MPs about ten days ago. Here is a pdf of it in full. The anonymous author claims to be a Tory MP but there is nothing to prove it, apart from a brief reference to some internal party meetings, which frankly any Labour MP could have known about. It could well be a rather clumsy attempt at deception and political dirty tricks.

The complaints — against “arrogant” advisers, “destroying” colleagues over expenses and freezing out MPs — echo the first poison pen letter in June, which by no means fomented a revolt. There are also some stylistic similarities which do suggest the same person is behind this — note the love of semi-colons and Soviet analogies (Cameron was “Stalinist” in the first letter while the second berates Osborne’s “KGB-like staff”). The difference this time is that it is longer, more spiteful and mainly directed at the “megalomaniac” George Osborne.

The June letter generated some attention, primarily because it tapped in to some long-held grievances on the Tory backbenches. This letter ups the stakes by calling for a no-confidence vote. Somehow I can’t see that happening to a leader who has given Tories the best chance of winning an election since Black Wednesday.

To me, this bears all the familiar hallmarks of something contrived by the Alistair Campbell, Damian McBride or even that curry eating slob Tom Watson.

Of course it could be genuine, but I doubt it. Some Tories are dumb, it's true, but not usually this dumb.

Conservative Home regular Jonathan Isaby sums it up concisely:

"Its authenticity was in doubt, and another similar unsigned letter sent to Conservative MPs this morning - on House of Commons notepaper - makes me all the more convinced that a Labour dirty tricks operation is at work, with the latest letter containing class warrior attacks which simply don't ring true as coming from the pen of a Conservative.

Have a look, see what you think.

Click on each thumbnail for larger picture:


Come to think of it, I can't see a single splodge of curry of any of the pages so perhaps Tom Watson wasn't involved afterall.