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Fuse Lit
« on: September 18, 2009, 10:10:22 PM »
Right this should start some robust debate.

You could go here, but the debate is very robust.

Or read this, and debate politely.

The UK must accept some migrants from the illegal migrant camp known as the 'Jungle' when it is razed by France next week, the UN has said.

High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said the British government should be prepared to allow migrants with large families already in the UK to enter the country.


France has vowed to send in its army and riot police to raze the migrant camp at Calais, known as The Jungle, by the end of next week.

Mmmm, dare I mention 'surrender'?

Immigration minister Eric Besson firmly told those using the camp: 'You will not get to England any more via Calais.'

Aaaah, fishermen's strike. Again.

However Mr Guterres told the BBC: 'There will be situations in which we would recommend the British authorities consider the possibility, within reason, of receiving, for instance, people who have large families in Britain and things of this sort.

The French would recommend would they? I have some recommendations for them as it goes.....

'What I believe is important is that everybody that is in need of protection should be granted protection.'

This is somewhat at odds with some comments coming up.

The UK Border Agency told the BBC that details of the closure were 'matters for the French government'.

Then plonked their heads back in the sand.

The camp has replaced official centres like Sangatte as a gathering point for migrants hoping to cross to Britain.


Riot police have already taken up positions around the 'Jungle' in preparation for the assault.

Assault = Protection. Perhaps we lost something in translation.

The camp's demolition is expected on Monday or Tuesday, at the end of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. 'The majority of people living in the camp are Muslims and we would not want to offend them by launching our raid during Ramadan,' said an officer.


Mr Besson said the problem of where to put the displaced migrants would be solved by 'individual solutions'. By this he said he meant forced repatriation, an asylum claim in France, or a voluntary return to their country of origin.

That there is robust.

But he made it clear the tough action was necessary only because Britain was so soft on immigration. 'The paradoxical situation in which France finds itself is that we're trying to protect entry to the United Kingdom,' said Mr Besson, adding that some 2,000 foreigners living rough in the Calais area was the result. He said Britain's generous welfare benefits encourage migrants from all over the world to use his country as a springboard to cross the Channel.

That's the nugget that I expect to cause debate.

In an interview on TF1, France's main national TV channel, Mr Besson said 'enough is enough' and Calais would no longer be a base for migrants hoping to get into Britain. The action fulfils a pledge he made in April.

Mmmm, wouldn't thay have to have entered and crossed France first to get to Calais, and in fact ambled across most of Europe? Unless of course the migrants are in fact residents of Calais.

Mr Besson said crime was again on the increase in Calais around the notorious shanty town, where a London journalism student was raped last summer.
At present about 800 mainly Iraqi and Afghan immigrants live on the lawless patch of waste ground, waiting to board Dover-bound trains and lorries illegally.

The camp is made up of dozens of makeshift buildings, including kitchens and even a mosque. Lorry drivers are regularly beaten up by gangs of migrants when they try to stop them jumping on to their trailers.

T'riffic, stick them on Eurostar immediately, this is just the kind of people we need to meet our diversity quota. Mind you, I like the idea of a cleaner.

Meanwhile, people smugglers infiltrate the camp offering passages to Britain for up to £1,000.

Such camps have sprung up regularly since the closure in 2002 of the Red Cross centre at Sangatte which acted as a magnet to thousands.
'This is an important stage,' Mr Besson said in the interview. 'We're going to destroy the main working tool of the illegal smuggling rings and more measures will follow.'

Just looked at an Atlas, there's quite a lot of countries between Afghanistan (which is lovely, free elections and everything. Gordnon said) and generally Arabic type places, how the heck did they get to Calais?

A French Immigration Ministry spokesman said orders had been issued to destroy the camp and interpreters and social workers would be present.

What, in case the French Army get upset and traumatised?

But refugee charities warned that the closure of such camps would make matters worse. 'It's ridiculous, where are all the evicted people expected to go,' said Jean-Pierre Boutoille, of the C-Sur charity. 'You can't just make people who want to get to Britain vanish.'

I suggest Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, or Scotland. Prescriptions are free and so is hospital parking. If Scotland doesn't agree with you then they will fly you home for nothing. There'll be a party and everything when you get home.

The order to destroy the 'Jungle' comes as port security figures show the number of migrants trying to get into Britain by stowing away on lorries has doubled in the past year. About 6,031 illegal immigrants tried their luck in the first three months of this year compared with 2,919 caught between January and March last year.

It's a bit like Castro's little wheeze when he emptied his prisons and America had to invent Miami. From the Independent 1994.

THE UNITED STATES believes Cuba has started to release prisoners from its jails and suspects that President Fidel Castro is about to send them to join the boat people leaving the island for Florida.

This would immediately escalate the confrontation between Washington and Havana. During the last exodus of Cubans in 1980, Mr Castro created a crisis for the White House by sending criminals, drug addicts and mentally retarded people to the US.

Officials in Washington say they have learned from sources in Havana that the releases from Cuban prisons began last weekend. President Bill Clinton is acutely conscious of the effectiveness of the Cuban tactic of sending killers and thieves along with genuine refugees: in 1980 his own political career was almost ended when 18,000 Cuban boat people, mostly former prisoners, rioted at a US military base, Fort Chafee in Arkansas

Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don’t know what your rights are, or who the person is you’re talking to. Then, on the way out, slam the door.

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Re: Fuse Lit
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 11:57:47 AM »
With the recent comments from the postie Johnson, I expect he will be at Dover to welcome them with open arms,
I read, while on holiday, that Birmingham and Leicester, will in the next ten years, have more muslims than whites, so theres hope yet for the free trade areas, Bring on the BNP....... :bash: sorry no actual references, only what I read in the nationals...