Author Topic: London Congestion Charge: Where Does It Operate And How Much Does it Cost ?  (Read 1501 times)

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The London Congestion Charge currently costs £8 per day, (if charge is paid before date of travel).

Where In London Is The Congestion Charging Zone ?

Download the .pdf Map of the zone from Talkswindons server by clicking >>>here<<<

You can pay online, by phone, via text message, in person at various outlets, and by post.

When you pay, you need your vehicle details,
the date(s) you want to pay for and a card/cheque or cash to make the payment.


Pay by credit or debit card via the Transport for London (TfL) website


By phone to the TfL call centre open 24 hours a day: 0845 900 1234.

Pay in Person

   Pay PointIn cash at any of the 9,500 Pay throughout the UK, at various petrol stations and shops.

There are 200 places to pay in person in charging zone, 1200 within the M25.

Also by credit or debit card at self-service machines at car parks inside the zone and other selected locations.