Author Topic: Petition against proposed increase in Residents Parking Permit Charges  (Read 2898 times)

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karen leakey

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At SBC Cabinet meeting this week approval was given for the 2009/10 budget be put to Council on the 23 of Feb. hidden within the budget are proposed increases in the cost resident parking permits.

No such increases in residents parking charges were proposed in the Dec. budget proposals, but have suddenly been slipped into the present proposals, under the heading of - Increases in Income Levels (other than inflationary rises).

Councillor Edwards quoted in the Swindon Advertiser  “We don’t believe the increases are unreasonable and we have to look at all possibilities to raise revenue in the current climate”.

Well they look unreasonable to me!  These increases are being put upon people that have no choice but to pay up.

Interestingly all of a sudden, even with first permits increasing in price by £15 - an unbelievable 60%, the scheme will still need to be subsidised by £100k. No mention though of the effect the other permit increases will have on this newly acquired subsidy, i.e. second permits from £50.00 to £90.00 an 80% jump, 6 monthly permits from £12.50 to £25.00 a 100% jump, or the Visitor Permits books increase from £5.00 to £15.00 a 200% jump. Strange how it’s suddenly costing money to run and yet in 2005/06 instead of the scheme being subsidised there was a ‘profit’ or operating surplus of over £6300.

Although we have been contacted by a lot of people who are completely cheesed off about these increases, I would also think that many people do not know yet – with the story only being covered in a small report in the Swindon Advertiser - but if this is approved then I can foresee a big backlash from residents especially now everyone is suffering from the economic problems we are in at the moment (and I would also add that people are also quoting the unfairness between the increases we will have to pay to park and as perceived by them, the  ‘pay rise’ councillors have been awarded!)

This decision will affect some 5000 thousand plus residents across 3 Wards.

A petition has been set up, and is already circulating in the Broadgreen Area.  Geoff has kindly agreed for blank copies to be available for download:

This is going to Council on the 23rd February for approval, so time is of the essence if people want to make their feelings known.

Can you please return them to:  Karen Leakey,  72 Salisbury Street, Swindon, SN1 2AP  -  if you wish I can collect them - if you email me ( asap.

Thank you for your time