Author Topic: This Time Next Year We'll All Be Millionaires  (Read 629 times)

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This Time Next Year We'll All Be Millionaires
« on: January 11, 2009, 08:55:19 PM »
Seen this muttered about in a couple of places, starting to take on a bit more significance now though.

According to someone much cleverer than me (s'very long queue) we must be a bit more aware of the Banking Bill trundling through parliament at the moment, it seeks to modernise some of our crusty old ways, evidently the section of the crusty old law the new Banking Bill seeks to abolish reads as follows:

And be it enacted, That an Account of the Amount of Bank of England Notes issued by the Issue Department of the Bank of England, and of Gold Coin and of Gold and Silver Bullion respectively, and of Securities in the said Issue Department, and also an Account of the Capital Stock, and the Deposits, and of the Money and Securities belonging to the said Governor and Company in the Banking Department of the Bank of England, on some Day in every Week to be fixed by the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes, shall be transmitted by the said Governor and Company weekly to the said Commissioners in the Form prescribed in the Schedule hereto annexed marked (A.), and shall be published....

Apparently the 'published' bit is heading for the crapper, so the presses can be cranked up to print dosh like buggery, we shall indeed be millionaires, just like in Germany between the wars, Argentina and I believe Zimbabwe (though Zimbabwe must be all fixed now, haven't seen or heard anything for days).

As an afterthought, if the euro were our currency presumably we would not be allowed to print dosh at will for fear of destabilising things. Funny old world innit?

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