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Author Topic: Wurzels Tribute Night! with The Mangledwurzels - The Victoria, Swindon (15 Nov)  (Read 870 times)

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Scrumpy & Western invasion of Swindon!

Somerset-based Scrumpy and Western band The Mangledwurzels will be marking their 300th gig with a debut appearance in Swindon later this month.

The Mangledwurzels formed in early 2005, and have been gigging hard across the West Country (and further afield) since then. They will be marking their 300th gig with a debut appearance in Swindon at The Victoria on Saturday 15th November. The band is fresh from a summer packed with high profile gigs across the West Country – including a slot on the main stage at the Bristol Harbour Festival, sell-out cider festivals at the Bath Pavilion (with 2500 through the doors and over 500 unlucky punters turned away) and the Brunel Passenger Shed in Bristol, and shows from Devon and Cornwall to Hampshire and Sussex.

The Mangledwurzels are a three-piece Scrumpy & Western band based in Somerset celebrating the works of the Adge Cutler and The Wurzels. More than a tribute band, The Mangledwurzels play Wurzels songs, old and new, blended with self-penned original songs and pop standards 'Mangled' in true Wurzels tradition. Sharp-eyed viewers may have seen the band performing on ITV's prime time show Britain’s Best Dish, where they unsuccessfully tried to bribe the judges with gifts of scrumpy cider. With a record contract currently being negotiated, and their second album "Wurz'Ee II" due for release for January; the band is happy to bring their brand of Scrumpy & Western to an increasingly wider audience.

The Mangledwurzels’ keyboard player Jethro Tool said: “The secret of our success is…well, not a secret at all - but I’ll tell you anyway! We decided not to be ‘just a Wurzels tribute band’ – we wanted to be more than that. So we play all the Wurzels classics – Adge’s songs and the hit singles, liberally sprinkled with original material and a selection of 'standards' with lyrics ‘Mangled’ in finest Wurzel tradition. And as well as putting a lot of effort into the music, we also concentrate on putting on a good show. Entertainment; that’s the big secret. And if the crowd is having fun, we tend to have a good time too!”

You can catch The Mangledwurzels at The Victoria, 88 Victoria Road, Swindon SN1 3BD. Tickets are priced at £5.00, and advanced tickets are available from The Victoria or 12 Bars clubs, website:; email: or tel: 01793 535713 – or from the Swindon Tourist Information. Ticket orders are subject to a booking fee of £1 per order (not per ticket!), and any remaining tickets will be sold on the night. Doors open at 8.30pm, and the band should be on stage at 9.30pm.

The Mangledwurzels website is at

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I once nearly went out with a girl who was best mates with Adge Cutler's neice... tragic mistake on my behalf not to have followed that girl! She was a cutie...

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