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EU makes things even more worserer
« on: August 10, 2008, 09:42:06 PM »
Some gems I stumbled across:

Commission report reveals EU loses 6.5 million euros a day to fraud and irregularities.  According to a report from the European Commission, the EU lost 1.4 billion euros in reported fraud and financial irregularities in 2007, up from around 1.2 billion euros in 2006.  This amounts to 6.5 million euros lost every working day. The number of irregularities involving the EU's Structural and Cohesion Funds rose by 19.2% (3,832 cases in 2007, compared with 3,216 in 2006). The estimated financial impact - 828 million euros - was up by 17.7%. The Commission report reveals that suspected fraud has also increased - 208.9 million euros in 2007, compared with 188.93 euros million in 2006. The report also contains statistics on expenditure directly managed by the Commission. The estimated number of irregularities in this area came to 411, with an estimated financial impact of 33 million euros.

EU withholds Bulgarian aid. The EU has suspended funds to Bulgaria due to fraud and financial irregularities.

MEP under investigation. UKIP MEP Jeffrey Titford and his chief political adviser are being questioned by police over an allegation of "financial irregularities", following a complaint by UKIP's Chairman in Ipswich and East Suffolk.

French EU Presidency endorses plan for University of Europe in Strasbourg. The French EU Presidency is planning to create a University of Europe, based in Strasbourg, for people wanting to understand the "history of Europe and the European spirit."  The University would be funded by European taxpayers. According to Agence Europe, the French government is planning to endorse the project, which was drawn up by the French Foundation for Political Innovation in a working paper.  It was reported that the idea is to create a place for the "study and appreciation of the spirit and values of a united Europe", which would be run by the European Commission. Plans for the University are reportedly already underway.

Farmers overpaid £37 million in subsidies. A Public Accounts Committee report has found that more than 10,000 UK farmers were given too much EU subsidy money in 2005, and 7,000 in 2006. Nearly 20,000 farmers' entitlements under the EU's so-called Single Farm Payments Scheme (SPS) had been calculated wrongly. Overpayments totalled more than £37 million. In addition to criticising the responsible authority in the UK, the Rural Payments Agency, the report described the SPS as the "most complex option for reform" implemented in the "shortest possible timescale". Committee Chairman Edward Leigh said the problems may lead to the UK Government being fined hundreds of millions of pounds by the EU and had added £50m to the project's costs. (BBC, 15 July)

And then, very disappointingly:

Obstacles still remain for the Treaty however. In the Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus is lobbying the Czech parliament to reject the Treaty. Mr Klaus met with his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski last week to discuss the Treaty. Mr Kaczynski had been unwilling to continue the ratification process following the Irish no vote but after talks with French President Sarkozy he has now said he will not obstruct ratification in Poland.

According to Polish paper Gazeta Wyborcza Mr Kaczynski reversed his position in return for Mr Sarkozy's help in persuading the EU Commission to find a solution in favour of Polish Shipyards threatened with closure following problems with state funding

But that of course is not corruption, that is statesmanship. Now if gordnon had the sense to say no (bit decisive I know) we could have screwed our european brethren for billions, which would, again, have been statesmanship, not corruption, dear me no.

Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don’t know what your rights are, or who the person is you’re talking to. Then, on the way out, slam the door.