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Kecl's words of wisdom
« on: April 14, 2008, 04:38:39 PM »
I though what kecl posted was so pertinent to what's happening with the so-called regeneration (demolition) of Swindon, it was worth quoting what he spotted in a separet thread for discussion:

Do the following words taken from an interview sound vaguely familiar?

Council official: We have started with jobs and houses, now we are moving on to leisure. We have increased playing fields, given more public amenities and now there will be more opportunities for leisure.

Officer of Swindon Environmental Services: We are going to build a new leisure pool and a whole range of other exciting opportunities will be taking place  at the same time, Including a new shopping centre right within the town centre itself. It will include an entertainment element  that consists of restaurants, cafes, disco's and pubs.

Council official: I often think how we can overcome Swindon being viewed as a music hall joke, I think it is a pity and undeserved. It can only be overcome gradually; one way to overcome it is to have a first class football team.   .
Then as we build more buildings of good quality this will overcome problems. We have several public buildings designed by our top architects, I think this will gradually overcome the rather denigrating attitude to Swindon.

Reporter: New urban.yillages are being built, free from traffic and designed to mix young and old, richer and poorer in the same community. Swindon the new Jerusalem?

Council official: Well as long as you do not use that phrase in a slightly sardonic way, but one must have an objective and what better objective can there be than providing stability of employment, a good environment and plenty of opportunity for people to enjoy themselves.

Follow this link to the film of Swindon in 1973 that the above quote came from, close your eyes and you could easily be listening to a film about Swindon today, I just hope the vision this time goes a little bit further on the ground.