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Swindon Festival of Literature 2008 5th - 18th May
« on: February 14, 2008, 03:11:36 PM »
I know it's a couple of months away, but it may be worth setting some time aside for this if you have the chance.

"Following last May's fabulous fourteenth Festival, plans are now well underway for the fifteenth Swindon Festival of Literature, 5th - 18th May 2008.

Once again, Festival frolics will begin high on that beautiful ridge in Lawn Woods, overlooking Swindon, at 5.30am on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 5th May, with the ever-popular Dawn Chorus, where earlybirds gather for a spring carnival of poetry, song, storytelling, dance, and hot breakfasts, plus a good deal of other early-morning mischief!

During the subsequent 13 days, authors and speakers appearing at venues in town will include established names not only from the world of literature but also from politics, science, sport, entertainment, and television.

Of course, in true Swindon Festival of Literature tradition, it will not just be famous names that make this a highspot on Witshire's cultural calendar. During the 13 days of the Festival, described by John Carey as 'terrific', by Jon Snow as 'a surprise in the M4 corridor', by Joan Bakewell as 'delightful', by John Major as 'punctual', by Helena Kennedy as 'a good thing', by Melvyn Bragg as 'down to earth', by Satish Kumar as 'wonderful', and by Shaun B as 'close to sex', there will also be the now nationally-famous Swindon Performance Poetry Slam competition, a Youth Slam, a Children & Families Weekend, a Big Debate, an Environment Day, plus a wide range of literary talks, discussions, and readings at main theatres, arts venues, libraries, schools, pubs, parks, and even in an ex-cowshed!

Festival Director Matt Holland says "The Festival's profile and reputation continue to grow. It has become a veritable festival of ideas. Each year it attracts new writers, terrific speakers, and a larger following. At every level, it has become a fantastic celebration for Swindon of things well written and things well said. People of all ages and backgrounds have a very good time. They get together, meet authors, join in lively talk, explore new ideas, and even have a laugh! It is all very exciting!"

The 2008 Swindon Festival of Literature has been made possible by funding from the Arts Council of England, South West, whose support represents recognition of what has been achieved in literature development in Swindon. Financial support is also provided by Dominic Winter Book Auctions, Swindon Borough Council's Arts Services & Artswords, the University of Bath in Swindon, Swindon's Neighbourhood Learning project, and Lower Shaw Farm, as well as valuable support and assistance from First Great Western, the National Union of Teachers, the Swindon Advertiser, Holland Handling, West Swindon Publications' Link Magazine, Acorn Press, Borders and Waterstone's Bookshops, Friends of the Festival, plus a host of other local organisations and individuals. It is heartening that all these people see the value of a festival of literature in Swindon!

The full Festival programme will be published in mid-March 2008.

For further information or to go on the Festival mailing list, telephone 01793 771080 or e-mail"

A full report on 2007's Festival can be found at Swindon Festival of Literature 2007. It looks as if plenty of famous people can be expected.

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