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FREE FILM 13th August “Battle of Algiers”
« on: August 10, 2007, 01:01:52 PM »
Victoria pub, Viictoria Road, Swindon, 8:00 pm, Admission FREE.
A rare chance to see “Battle of Algiers” – a staggeringly good movie about the Algerian war of Independence against the French, that is surprisingly unbiased at showing the horror of war.
Made in 1967 by acclaimed Italian director, Gillo Pontecorvo, it has a haunting score by Ennio Morricone.
This film is also highly relevant to the current war in Iraq , showing the effect of thr war on the French as well as the Algerians
Review from IMDB
" Battle of Algiers " is simply one of the greatest films every made. If film making can be about truth as well as fantasy, then a movie that includes a title card telling viewers that there is not one foot of documentary or newsreel footage in it must deserve viewing.

" Battle of Algiers " contains scenes that seem so real, you suspect that they couldn't have been staged. When three Algerian women come down from the Casbah to plant bombs in the French quarter of the city, you can almost cut the tension with a knife. When the bombs go off, you think they must have been real bombs. And when you see the devastation they leave in their wake, you cannot fail to be moved. The massive rebellion in the streets at the end of the film also seems so real, you sit wondering how many extras must have been injured filming those scenes.

" Battle of Algiers " combines brilliant photography, crisp direction, an intriguing plot and some very fine acting. Throw in a terrific music score, splendid editing, impressive special effects and the best example ever of docudrama style production and you have a masterpiece of film making.

But film making is not nearly as important as human life and no film in general release today says more about America's current involvement in the middle east and many other parts of the world than this picture about the French in Algeria, made more than three decades ago.