Author Topic: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action  (Read 12763 times)

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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #20 on: October 09, 2007, 08:20:31 PM »

Ping !

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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #21 on: October 10, 2007, 01:52:16 AM »
Be as angry as hell before it makes you mad - and raise a stink - it is so overdue.

We are the proprietors of the seedy bunch licensing this shameless thieving, the most lascivious misappropriation of authority - our formal tax system for all its deliberately confusing complexity, never satisfied, is now reduced to stalking.

We have been far too tolerant for far too long, victims of a condescending, patriarchal system that has us in 2007, standing in obedient queues at the convenience of our suppliers - who are the paying customers here, and how much! Right at the entrance to every public-service lobby and poxy bank branch alike is the dumb and insolent greeting of a sign telling us where to stand and wait our turn - well turn we should, out to respectful sources and against the insulting presumption of our Public-Servants. We have been conditioned to an acquiescence that appears, to the eternal bemusement of just about everyone abroad, as meek subservience and it has sanctioned an abusive transfer of power that has effectively disenfranchised us all.

Write, telephone, email, knock, kick and tell the conniving unfortunates (in that their souls are certainly lost) in authority, whose daily impetus it seems is to devise ever more ways to extract money from the community no matter what the level of Council-Tax, that it is unacceptable.

On precisely the same theme, I replied recently to a New-Topic from Jandra regarding parking at G.W. Hospital.

That parking fees apply at all at a hospital and then at one located so far from residential areas that no one would ever use it for private parking is condemnable. That the pricing scheme is actually planned to catch people out damns the designers and is an expression of all that is worst in Government craft. And I will suggest that once you begin to recognise that we are being not just milked for money but made the victims of trickery, the more you will see in every day practice that we are set-up for contemptible punishment at a cost to our morale that makes miserly the gain for the Public Purse. You may remember as I the time when the provision to purchase an over-stay ticket for town-parking was relinquished,  instantly making us all liable to a new raft of cruel fines for simple error. I defy anyone to explain that decision as other than ignorant opportunism and the devious meanies that pushed it through should not only be sacked but committed to therapy for they are clearly socially degraded. Tax may be the bitter pill we have to swallow but  punitive exploitation is despicable. When those Public Service employees, trusted with the morale of the electorate, stoop to such levels, we know that very notion of respect has been crushed and with it the foundation of trust.


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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #22 on: March 03, 2008, 05:21:53 PM »
I've split this thread as it was going off the subject of parking.

You can find the remainder fo the thread here

It's now called "What the Hungarians did for us"  O0
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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #23 on: November 11, 2008, 06:41:32 PM »
Well the twonks at SBC are at it again. I called them as my visitors scratch card permits hadn’t arrived in time for the expiry date- today.

Bear in mind these people have probably got gold plated pensions and a fairly secure job… the dialogue went something like….

Me: “I ordered my replacement scratch card visitors permits a fortnight ago but they haven’t arrived”

Young woman: “Oh OK” and then after some thought, asked “Where do you live?” ( I was wondering if she was going to use a process of divination to work out who I was and was quite relieved she had the presence of mind to ask me to identify myself.) I thought that she probably might have some brain matter available and I relaxed in the hope that we could get to the bottom of this knotty problem fairly swiftly.

I gave my address.

She looked me up on the system and said: “You can’t order them until 11th November”

I said: “That’s today”

She repeated: “You can’t order them until 11th November”

I allowed my previous comment to sink in and felt sorry for her so revealed my real problem by asking: “What happens if I get a visitor tomorrow?”

She said: “I’ll ask my boss"- then added as another afterthought "Have you paid?”

I said: “yes”

This baffled her so I again gave a further explanation:” I sent a cheque and a bill as proof of residence”

She said: “ Oh I thought you meant…. I’ll get my colleague”.

She put me through to her colleague, without any explanation or introduction,  who then proceeded to ask me the same questions and then told me that my visitors permits were "ordered on 12th November".

I said: “That’s tomorrow”

She was silent as she digested this apparently new fact.

I felt again that perhaps I ought to help her out by explaining what my problem was, so I said: “What do I do if I get a visitor tomorrow?” knowing that the army of parking attendants were here for 4 visits so far today- at 6:45, 9, 12, and  3 so the chances are they may be just as  keen tomorrow.

She twigged then and said she’d have to send me a handwritten single permit for anyone who visits tomorrow and wants to park.  I guess it’s tough if I get two visitors.
I wonder what they are doing for everyone else in Swindon who needs to  renew their vistors’ permits?

Great isn’t it? So comforting to know that SBC have got to grips with their (what appears to be an extraordinarily simple) process for issuing visitors’ permits when they’ve expired. 

Makes you so appreciate the time and trouble they go to on our behalf and its lovely to know where your council tax goes.

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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #24 on: November 11, 2008, 07:30:33 PM »
Meanwhile, all the jobsworth parking Nazi's will be rubbing their webbed hands together briskly in anticipation of making peoples lives, (tomorrow), just a little bit more miserable than they already do.

Worth watching events at this weeks council meeting on Thursday. The word on Labour Street is that they, (the labour group), want to give PCSO's power to issue fixed penalty notices for everything from dog fouling, through litter dropping, and into parking 'offences', and they're preparing a motion to put to council.

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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #25 on: November 11, 2008, 09:28:59 PM »
Several things occur to me.

Residents Parking is what got me involved with you scamps in the first place.

I attended a meeting at the council offices, my first and last, I didst verily utter 'Bollocks' as I realised the winkles had backtracked on the very day my house sale was agreed, a sale provoked by twattishness on the part of sbc, I was, and remain, a 2 car polar bear killer but sbc had decreed this was not permissible unless I offered up my first born, my left nut and the GDP of Tonga on an annual basis. Having only one left nut, and only one first born by definition, I realised it was time to move on.

They reviewed this and now they required only my left nut to allow me to pay tax, insurance, MOT etbloodysoddingcetera on 2 cars and park them in the same hemisphere in which I lived, I already had a first born so was willing to give up me nut, but alas, I was now committed to a mortgage that would make Abramovich wince, simply to retain my twin car ownership status, which was just a show off thing anyway, not a question of need at all, no sirreee. Exactly as the razor sharp minds of the bright young things at sbc had divined, who on earth would need 2 cars when public transport was so, erm, what's the word? Oooh, I know! Shit Excellent.

Of course there was the remaining question of the price increases, but they were to 'administer' the scheme. As anyone knows the common generic feature of any 'administering' is that it is phenomenally expensive, and that there is a direct relationship between it's effectiveness and it's cost. Though, unfortunately, not the relationship we might have hoped for. A distressing feature that manifests itself in many walks of life these days. I daresay there is a mathematical formula for it.

Then there was the extraordinary rate of attrition amongst those engaged in 'dialogue' with the public. Dialogue you see involves talking and writing with 'people', unlike 'consultation'. I still yearn for the cutting edge of Mr Needle's tongue.

the there was the visitor's permits that went off quicker than a sausage kept in your groin, apparently there was a roaring blackmarket in these, so they needed to have a time expired facility, to protect us from the, I dunno, East European pikeys I suppose, parking up outside our humble terraced housing. If that had been allowed, why, where would we put the wheelie bins?

The final shame, I voted libdem cos they said they would sort things out, libdem bloke, you have been a significant disappointment to me. Judging by the recent levels of output I can only hope fear you have been abducted by aliens and are being rigorously probed, look forward to your return when I will assume it is again time for me to drag me sorry arse down the church hall again and put a cross against the least worse candidate

I have to take issue with the faintly condemning tone adopted when describing the exchange with the council OFFICERS, I think they were quite rightly obtuse, uncommunicative, dense and obstructive because it is clear to me that you did not respect their position as council OFFICERS. As council OFFICERS they are charged with administering extremely complex, clever, efficient and effective sbc policy and explaining it to bimbling halfwits like you and me, dear me, next you will be expecting OFFICERS to provide a service where your needs take priority.

The clues are in the terminology. Swindon Borough Council, the town is named after them, they are not public servants, who serve. The are OFFICERS, they OFFICIATE. Dear me, if residents demand services there will have to be a whole new category of council tax just to pay for their provision.

Noce to hear you are getting visitors, s'pose they come for the shopping?
Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don’t know what your rights are, or who the person is you’re talking to. Then, on the way out, slam the door.

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Re: Enough is enough - residents, time to take action
« Reply #26 on: November 11, 2008, 09:39:47 PM »
Bear in mind these people have probably got gold plated pensions and a fairly secure job… the dialogue went something like….

If they're employed by Capita, they may have neither.

Quote from: Capita
It is through long-term partnership-based relationships like ours with Swindon Borough Council, that continuing service improvement and enhancement can be achieved.

I can tell from your post Alex that you're thoroughly impressed by the improved and enhanced service. ;)
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