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Well Said Heidi Teague.....


NO2ID Swindon:

While the other candidates in Moredon are busy trotting out the party line, the whole party line and nothing but the party line, Heidi is unafraid to talk about the elephant in the room.......


--- Quote from: Heidi Teague ---Name: Heidi Rita Teague
Party: Liberal Democrat
Personal Statement:

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Moredon is Heidi Teague. Heidi is 39 and has lived in Swindon for the last 12 years with her husband and daughter.

Heidi’s priorities for Swindon are environment and sustainability. Heidi has been campaigning against graffiti and invasion of privacy, in particular ID cards and the finger-printing of children at Swindon schools.

Heidi also has a special interest in the issues of older people.

Heidi is a qualified accountant and is a Consulting Performance and MI Manager. Heidi is a school governor and is a member of Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Oxfam.
Candidate Website: None submitted

--- End quote ---

Thank you Heidi, and good luck on the 3rd of May.


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