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What's happening in central with David Cox ?


Geoff Reid:
Whilst perusing the 2007 local election candidate nomination papers, I noticed something about the candidates standing in central that has been tickling my curiosity nerve for the last couple of days.....

COX David     

EVANS Karsten Green Party

LEAKEY Karen The Conservative Party Candidate

MONTAUT Derique Joseph The Labour Party Candidate

M.PIPE Steven Francis Liberal Democrat 

Has anyone else spotted something unusual in the line up of candidates ?  :popcorn:

Am I correct in thinking that David Cox used to be the Mayor of Swindon?

In fact, didn't David Cox used to be the Labour Mayor of Swindon?

If it is the same David Cox, the marathon running, dedicated and committed lifelong member of the Labour party......

.....why is he running in Central as an independant candidate, and not as a Labour candidate?.

Has Derique Montaut ousted David 'Energiser Bunny' Cox?, or has Mr Cox been ejected from the Labour stable for some wrongdoing?.

Something is rotten in The State of Denmark The State of Snelgrovia Little London Court.... and being a nosey b'stard I'd love to know what.

Something smells......  :popcorn:

swindon lad:
well, unless the former labour mayor david cox has moved and in the same house someone else of the same name has moved in, it's him.

i did hear he has been very unhappy with the local labour party in central for years and this year he has had enough.  imho, he may get some of the labour vote which could let karen leakey in.

imho, he would have made a better candidate for labour than derique although he does have the issue of being the only labour candidate to lose central

Geoff Reid:

Interesting opinion  :popcorn:

I don't think Karen Leakey will get 'let in' though....I think she'll win the seat on the merit of being a hard working and committed individual who cares about the area in which she lives  :)

How important is Central to the Labour camp and is David Cox running as an independant a sign of worsening problems within the Swindon constituency Labour party ?


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